BOG vs. Akershus vs. CRT


Earning My Ears
Feb 27, 2019
Hi, all! We have a June 9-15 trip coming up - it'll be me, DH, DD5 and DD2. First time for both kiddos.

In my booking frenzy I managed to get BOG, CRT and Akershus dinner reservations. Seems like overload to me so I'd like to drop one. If you were me, which would you drop? My kids eat everything so I'm not worried about that. No meal plan, either - we're doing OOP. Thanks!
Unless your DD's are princess crazy, I would drop CRT or Akershus. For first timers, I would probably recommend CRT just to be able to go inside the castle, though I prefer the food and overall princess interaction at Akershus.
I would drop Akershus. While I did like it there, nothing can beat the ambiance of eating in a castle!
If they're princess crazy then I'd drop Akershus as being in Cinderella's Castle and Belle's castle are too amazing to pass up, especially for little girls.

Thank you all very much! You confirmed my original choice which was dropping Akershus. As much as I'd like to try it, we can always go next time.


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