Bob O, How was King's Island?


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Jun 18, 2000
I haven't heard if your trip to Cincinnati was a success. So which rollercoasters did you ride and which one did you like best?
Our trip to Cincinnati was very good!!! The weather was hot at first but then cooled down nicely. We went to the Zoo which was very good, a Excellant Zoo. We were going to go to see Pres. Tafts house but alas it was closed but did go to a place called Hertiage Village.
As for PKI i had a great time there!!!!! They have a excellant kids area with alot of good kid rides and shows with Scooby Doo and Sponge Bob!!! The park could use a top notch steel coaster IMHO but the Beast was excellant and seemed faster this year and Son of Beast didnt seem as rough and FOF is better without the over head restraints, maybe disney will do the same to RNC, just use a lapbar makes for less headbanging. My kids enjoyed Beastie and Reptar's Coaster . I also enjoyed Drop Zone and rode all the coasters except for face off as ive been in similiar rides before so it wasnt worth the wait. As for my favorite ride i would have to vote for the classic BEAST, with the Son a close second. I thought the park was very clean the employee's were very nice and had a great time at the park and would highly recommend it, its not a disney park but it's better than a Six Flags park. Now im just waiting for my first trip out to CA this dec. to visit DL!

I was there this past weekend. When did you go? Although my coaster riding isn't quite as extensive as yours, I think Vortex is a pretty good steel coaster. Did you not like it?
We went on Wed. the 7th of August im pretty sure. It wasnt too crowded the day we went, the longet i waited was 30 minutes for the Son of Beast, though Tomb Raider and FOF had far longer lines. I thought the Vortex was a decent ride, not a great ride but a good coaster. The ride didnt seem too rough, im used to Shockwave at SFGAM which is rougher than Vortex. The lines were short for Vortex and that is always nice. I hear the park is going to add a coaster next year so hopefully they will add a gredat steel coaster!!!
Glad to hear that you enjoyed our fair city. I was at Kings Island last Friday and thought of you as I was on the first drop on THE BEAST in the dark(9:45 pm) with my hands up and then I remembered that I had not seen any posts about your trip.
bfeller-I had a great time in your city!!!! I was able to ride the Beast at 100:pm the second too last ride of the day and it is a great ride at night!!!!! PKI is a excellant park!!! I was glad i was able to get some 30th Anniv souvenirs!!!


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