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    Apr 10, 2006
    Just got back from the marathon weekend. Just thought I would give my two cents about the boardwalk after our first time staying there. We actually stayed in the villas. I am comparing this to the YC/BC because we are kinda YC/BC groupies. This resort is more adult themed for us. The boardwalk area is nice but couldnt help feeling like I wanted to have some fun in storm along bay. The room it self was very nice. Large bathroom, decent sized sitting area and we found the washer and dryeer very convenient. The beds were pretty decent but my only real complaint with the room was the temperature thing. Yea it was Jan but it still did not get as cool as it said on the thermostat. We had it down to 62 but still had to throw the comforters off to sleep with out sweating. The walk from the lobby wasnt bad at all we have had to walk 10 times hte distnace at the BC but find the hallways and lobby much nicer at the YC/BC. THe YC/BC is much more kid oriented in the lobbies then BW but it was still nice and all the staff was very freindly and helpful. One other thing that kinda was bothersome was the bus route. We were always the first to be picked up then onto the swan/dolphin then YC/BC then the parks. When we went back we were always the last to be dropped off. Made for long bus rides. Eventhough it was a pretty nice resort it just didnt seem as much disney as the YC/BC. Spoodles is pretty good but rather spend my time eating and enjoying the fireworks at epcot.
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    sounds like a 1-bedroom. for some unknown reason all the 1-bedroom in the master bedroom is much hotter than in the livingroom.

    don't know why - it just is.

    so I generally sleep on the sofa bed and let my guest have the king bed.
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  4. bradisgoofy

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    May 6, 2005
    Did you bypass the motion detector in the thermostat?
  5. Camster0307

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    Sep 7, 2007
    I was going to ask the same thing!

    The ac will run continually if it detects motion in the room. During the night, since no one is moving around, the ac doesn't run. I know someone can tell you how to bypass it; but I've also heard the tip of just buying a balloon at the park and letting it float around the room during the night. We did this in Nov. and it worked like a charm! Our BWV room stayed nice & chilly!:thumbsup2
  6. fla4fun

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    Nov 12, 2006
    I'm in a 1BR at BWV right now, and the thermostat is the old type - no motion detector. I haven't had any trouble getting the bedroom cold (not just cool, but cold) at night. There aren't any degree settings, just the words Warm and Cool, with a lever you move between the two. The temperature lever goes below the word Cool on the thermostat. I just put it as low as it will go, and put the fan on high. Some nights, I've actually gotten up to turn it up a little because it was too cold. I haven't had to use my small fan I brought even once. This is from someone who likes the temp around 65 degrees to sleep. Maybe she just put the lever down to the word Cool, but not below. I just put it as low as it would physically go that first night without looking at it, and didn't realize it went below the word Cool until I went to raise the temp the next morning.
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    There is an air vent at the top of the wall in the bedroom. We find that sometimes people have shut that vent. We get on a chair and open it and the bedroom usually cools down fine.

    The PP is correct -- no motion sensor nonsense. That's one reason we stay at the Boardwalk -- the old-fashioned thermostat.

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