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Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by cindys_castle2011, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. cindys_castle2011

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Wow, I haven't been on here in so long. I've been super busy! But I need a little bit of advise.. Okay so the past Friday was our homecoming football game (we won) yay! Well I told my dad not to rush, because we wanted to stay after and talk to some of the players. So he went ahead to Walmart to pick up whatever.. well we talked and people started leaving.. and me and my two friends were left up there with just a couple other people. So I called my ex, whom I still talk to. Asked if he could come up there and wait a little while with us, so we wouldn't be completely alone. He did so, and my two friends went inside the cafeteria and it was just me and him.. and he kissed me. When he did it, i got a little feeling knowing it was wrong but didn't stop. The reason for it being wrong, is that he has a girlfriend. Well yesterday he told me that, that night is never to be talked about and everything.. and he needed to stop talking to me because of his girlfriend. And I agreed, but I knew he still had feelings for me, so me being stubborn told him that theres no way he's going to completely stop, and he said something that made my stomach fall, he said that I was nothing to him and it was nothing to stop talking to me. all i said was ok bye. and that was that.. uhm not really, he texts me later last night and says hey call me. so me being dumb also, calls him and we talk for like two hours.. ugh I know I shouldn't do this and I'm so dumb but we was together for so long and I do still love him and miss him so much. But I deserve so much better. any advise?
  2. K-Shong99

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    Feb 8, 2007
    it's obvious he still has feelings for you.

    i wish i could help.
    but i'm terrible with relationship advice.
    i can't even handle my own relationships.
    but i do wish you best of luck figuring out what it is you need to do.
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  4. tinkerbell12

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    Aug 13, 2005
    I say, now don't expect perfection because this is probably what I'd do and I'm usually wrong, BUT I'd just be straight up with him. "Why did you tell me to stop talking to you, then you want me to call you?"
    I'd tell him he needed to get his options straight before he started messing around with me again.
    And since you still like him, maybe tell him that, because it could effect his thoughts.

    :confused3: sorry if that doesn't help, but it's what I'd do.
  5. JulielovesDisney

    JulielovesDisney <font color=darkorchid>Hakuna Matata<br><marquee><

    Oct 12, 2005
    I agree with Emily.
    You should confront him and ask him directly what he wants. Ask for him to be completely honest with you and tell him not to be afraid of hurting you with the truth. You deserve to know the truth, even if it it might hurt.
  6. GoofysOnlyGirl

    GoofysOnlyGirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 10, 2008
    This definently sounds like my ex. He broke up up with me specifically to go out with this other girl. Then breaks up with her...on their one month anniversary, and CALLS me that night. He wanted to talk about ice cream. Let me add it was probably midnight when he called and I basically told him to shove off[I used a cuss word ;)] and leave me alone. He still talked to me ALL the time, and asked me out A LOT. I believe 15 times in one night. There was a lot more to the breakup[I believe he cheated on me....] but anyways, my point is that if he has a girlfriend you really need to confront him on why he is talking to you. I know most of my guy friends wouldn't tell me to call them and then talk to me for two hours if they didn't like me. & they deffiently wouldn't tell me I mean nothing to them.

    So if you guys are friends, go ahead and confront him about whats going on. It might be hard to ask those questions to get the truth, but in the long run its better than falling for him harder than you already have and just getting hurt again.
  7. cindys_castle2011

    cindys_castle2011 <font color=deeppink> Gary Allan=♥ <font color=gre

    Jul 7, 2007
    thanks everyone :cutie:

    but heres the deal. He's told me that he's in it to deep with her now, and he loves her and isn't going to loose her. So I know his feelings for me isn't strong enough. But what bugs me is its like he uses me, and I'm so caught up in puppy love that I'm dumb and fall for it. But thankfully he didn't call last night, hopefully he won't call tonight. I've got it in my head that I deserve better and I dont need him. So i think i'm all good now. But theres a problem.. this Saturday is the Fair, which I'm going to and he'll probably show up also, and I know he'll wanna hang out, I guess I just need to be strong enough and tell him to his face that I dont want to have anything to do with him anymore.
  8. MuskratSusie

    MuskratSusie <font color=darkred>Three Days Grace ♥ <br><font c

    May 8, 2008
    You need to get over him. He's not worth your time. Tell him you don't want anything to do with him anymore.
    You deserve better than this. If you guys are just friends and nothing else, I guess just be friends.
    Set boundaries for him, and if he goes over one boundary, then do what you think is right.

    ^Sorry if that sounded a bit too harsh, but you needed to know that.

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