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    Mar 23, 2005
    This is a rant in advance:mad: :mad: :mad: ...My husband is down in Atlanta meeting with the Atlanta P.D. working on his transfer to their department. I booked him a room with Travelodge as they are a resonably priced hotel located close to the PD. He has stayed there previously so I booked it again for 7/31 - 8/2. On TL's website they are promoting the "best rate guarenteed". If you found a rate for them cheaper elsewhere...your first night was free. Well the website had a rate of $65.00 and I found it for $58.50 at I read the form, and filled out the claim (via email) as stated. I then get an email today stating that my claim was denied because of time (I booked the room and sent in the claim 2 days before check in) Now they are giving me this run around that because I booked it (on a non business day) and that he has checked in already that the claim cannot be honored as it has to be 24 hours before (it was) and that they do not count when I actually booked it but the first business day that they received it. It says..

    <LI>Guest must submit the claim within 24 hours after booking the original Travelodge reservation and at least 24 hours before scheduled arrival. If the original reservation was made within 24 hours of arrival, the Best Rate Guarantee is not applicable. The competing rate on another web site must be for the same hotel, for the same dates, for the same room type, for the same number of guests, in the same currency and must be publicly viewable and bookable via the Internet. A viewable rate means that the general public can view the rate on the web site. A bookable rate means that the rate is available and can be reserved online. Special rates available only to members of membership clubs or programs do not qualify.

    I booked it 24 hours before. I feel so cheated and upset that they would deny a legitimate claim on a technicality that isn't even posted on the website..what a gimmick. So if you DIS'rs are planning an Orlando TL stay..please think twice about the company your dealing with. Glad we are staying onsite with our WDW stay in 21 days...
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    May 23, 2000
    The fine print is on their website
    Even if you make your claim within 24 hours if you don't file it by 6:00p CST Friday you won't have an answer until 11:00a Monday. If you check in before you get the email you don't get the lower rate.

    Sometime it's easier to just book the website that's giving you the better rate. Travelodge "screwed" travelnow out of a commission and screwed you on the rate.

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    Apr 20, 2000
    We wouldn't stay in a travelodge if it was the last place with vacant rooms.
    These places smell horrible.
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    Apr 7, 2004
    I received an email for a rebate that I had submitted for a product once. It said "claim denied" because I had failed to submit all necessary paperwork (which I had in fact done). Since you had to submit originals, I obviously didn't have them anymore but I emailed them back and told them that I would be their "worst salesman" when I tell everyone not to buy that product. Amazingly, within the hour, I received another email that said I suddenly did meet all the necessary criteria and my rebate was on the way. I wouldn't normally make a big deal about such things but this was $60.00. For once I won! I would keep after them until they make good - fine print or not.

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