DIS Veteran
Sep 4, 1999
Is it worth the membership to join Bestfares or just use the public access areas? Was going to join and thought the $59 member fee a bit steep. I guess you could save that on one ticket alone, but still thought it a bit steep. Any comments pro or con?
The public access area is a good tool to use to track fares. We always check their "Snooze You Lose" fares when planning a trip, and we can usually get those low fares by calling the airline directly or by booking through the airline's website.
Skip the membership. My in-laws bought a membership at last year for their trip to England and my MIL said their member prices were about the same as other websites that are free (Travelocity, Expedia, etc.). She was happy with them & their service. Hope that helps.

I really love the Snooze You Lose and their Fare Finder. They can help you find good prices & then you can book through the actual airline. They are a great site but I wouldn't pay $$$ to use them.


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