Best way to work FP+ and DAS together

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  1. hayescamp

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    Jan 20, 2014
    Forgive me if this was addressed ( please point me in the right direction): if I have my three FF+ and son qualify for DAS what is the best way to work them? I understand the rules & procedures... But not a logical way to use them together! Before getting in the FF+ line do I run ahead to our next ride ( not FF+) and ask for a return time? And flip flop? I think I read somewhere that at GS that they can give you your first one for the day? Can you use them regardless of the tiers? Thank you for any input... I just made all of my FP+ , my charts and lists have taken over my kitchen table!
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    Mar 28, 2008
    I am interested in an answer to this too. We've always gone in the fall, when crowds are lower, and had a GAC but not always had to use it. This time we are going in June. So with the FP+ and the DAS and the larger crowds, I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to do this.


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  4. aj2hall

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    Jul 25, 2007
    We just returned from a trip and found the FP and card worked really well together. We scheduled our FP for early afternoon and used the card in the morning. At HS, we had them fill out the card for Toy Story Mania (wait was already 45 min at 9:15), then went over to meet Buzz & woody. Returned with our card to ride. At MK, we had them fill out our card for Jungle Cruise, rode POC then returned for Jungle Cruise. At Epcot, we filled out the card for soarin, then went to Turtle Talk and the Nemo ride, back to Soarin. Occassionally, if we wanted to ride something twice, we used both our FP and the DAS card. I would just plan out your day and for the big headliners try to find a show or something nearby that will only have a short wait. Mickey's Philharmagic or Its a Small world for Peter Pan, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor while waiting for Buzz etc. hope that makes sense. And there are no restrictions for tiers with the DAS
  5. drusba

    drusba I went to Iowa once, and it was closed.

    Aug 19, 1999
    We seldom make the parks early so these are obversations mainly from an afternoon to early evening perspective. Also, our daughter is ambulatory (Down Syndrome) although she can have melt downs and health issues with being in the parks too long in one day or waiting in lines too long.

    How we use the combination differs among the parks and can differ on any given trip to a park. You can modify the three FP+ times suggested to you after you lock them in online but you have to do each one individually and it takes a long time but we go through that process. Also, for most stage or movie type shows like Philarmagic at MK and Little Mermaid at Studios you don't need to use a FP+. They have just treated the DAS card like Fastpasses like they did under the old system. Here is one system we have followed, which obviously can be modified:

    Epcot: the major problem with Epcot is that you cannot get an FP+ for both Test Track and Soarin or a character meet the same day. Those are actually the only three things you really need FP+ or DAS for in the afternoon or evening. Spaceship Earth often has little or no line much of the afternoon. Energy is easy to get into, as is Captain EO and Journey. Mars is also usually short. The Nemo ride at Seas is usually fairly short in the afternoon although you might consider it as one to use an FP+ on. Also in the afternoon, you can usually get into the Turtle show and they have treated the DAS simply as a fastpass there.

    Thus, if we want to do Test Track and Soarin the same day, we are likely to reserve Test Track with an FP+. Soarin has Land and the Lion King environmental movie in the same building and when we go there we use the DAS to get a time for Soarin and then do the others and often have lunch there. We may use one of the FP+ for Land too just in case.

    Studios: You cannot get both RnR and Toy Story with FP+ the same day. Those and Tower, Star Tours, and possibly Great Movie Ride are really the only attractions you need FP+ since Beauty and Mermaid treat your DAS as a fastpass without getting a time and other things are usually easy to get in. If we are doing just a day, we use FP+ on Tower, Toy Story and Star Tours. We arrange the times so that when we go to Tower, one of us first gets a DAS time for RnR and then after Tower usually go there. Then we will do Beauty, after which we go to Toy Story with a time shortly after Beauty and one of us may stop at Great Movie first and get a DAS time, so we can do it after Toy Story. Star Tours FP time is generally later and we do some of the others before or after Star Tours usually without using FP+ or DAS.

    Animal Kingdom: since they treat the DAS essentially as a pass to entry at the Nemo show you do not need to use an FP+ on it. We will usually get FP+ for Dinosaur, Everest and Safari.We arrange those times so we do Dinosaur first, then often Nemo, then Everest. Then we get a DAS time for Kali and may go to Safari first. We usually do Tough to be a Bug late because it usually has no line then. We sometimes do the bird show while waiting for our DAS time for Kali but you don't need anything to get in there.

    Magic Kingdom: Having only three FP+ for MK is grounds for executing the "Suits" who created that rule. it is just too few for all the attractions there that can have long standby lines. Even with DAS MK is going to take two days to get all the key rides. For us it is usually two days and sometimes three because it is daughter's favorite park and she cannot physically do it all in one day. We sort of view it as left side and the right side. One day we will do Adventureland, Liberty Square, and Fontierland; the other Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Storybook Circus. She does not care for Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter, or Stich so we don't use anything on those.. On the left side day we will get FP+ for Pirates, Railroad, and Mansion, with Railroad right after the FP time for Pirates and Mansion Little later. We do Tiki first which has no line in the afternoon but before doing so we get a DAS time for Jungle Cruise. If she wants to do Alladin, we get a DAS time for that after doing Jungle Cruise and and then go to Pirates and come back? Then we do the Railroad but get a DAS time before doing so for Splash Mountain; after Splash we do Country Bear (no need to use anything) and Presidents (if I can convince her to go), and then late in the afternoon or even early evening before dinner we schedule Mansion.

    When doing the right side, we usually get FP+ for Dumbo, Pooh and Pirates. We then do Tomorrowland first, doing the monster show for which they treat the DAS like a fastpass and you usually don't even need it in the afternoon anyway. Before doing Monster we get a DAS for Buzz. Then after or before doing that we often do Carousel of Progress. Those are the only things she likes in Tomorrowland. Then over to Circus for Dumbo but get a DAS time for Barnstormer unless it looks easy to get on (many times in the afternoon it is).

    Then we go to the Mad Tea Party and get a DAS time if one is needed, then to Pooh with FP+, then to Journey of the Little Mermaid; if line is long we may stop at one of the food and drink places after getting a DAS time. Then we get a DAS time for Small World if needed (often it is not). If it is we go do Pan first with an FP+, then Small World, then the Carousel for which an FP or DAS time is seldom needed, and then Philarmagic for which DAS acts like a fastpass and it usually does not need any late afternoon anyway. Note, we will sometimes also reserve a character meet with FP+ rather than Pan, and then get a DAS time for Pan. Obviously, once the Dwarfs mine ride is available we likely will use an FP+ or DAS time on it.
  6. mommyrants

    mommyrants Mouseketeer

    Dec 24, 2008
    That might be the most detailed plan of the DAS/FP+ combos I have ever read.

    Thank you!
  7. CluelessDisFan

    CluelessDisFan DIS Veteran

    May 23, 2009
    Yes, great info. Thank you! We went to DL in September a week or so before DAS was announced, and the only ride that worked like the new DAS system, was Radiator Springs Racers. We were completely unfamiliar with it. So for our trip in October I plan to be prepared, and do all the research in advance. I have to familiarize myself also with the new FP+ system too. Your details are very helpful. We have to be very methodical about our plans, and have a good one in place for my Mom to be able to make it through even a partial day at Disney.

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