Best way to get from AK to DD


Viva Latvia!
Feb 18, 2001
We will be leaving AK to go and do a late lunch, or perhaps late afternoon snack and shopping in DD. Not sure how best to get there.
Route 1

1. Board bus marked Trans/Tkt Center
2. At Transportation and Ticket Center, transfer to the bus marked Downtown Disney

Alternate route if your resort has direct bus service to Downtown Disney

1. Board direct bus marked for your Resort destination
2. Board bus marked Downtown Disney
Buzz gave you some great options, here's a couple more.

Grab a bus to any of the All Stars, since these resorts are very close to the Animal Kingdom. When you arrive at the resort, transfer to a bus headed for Downtown Disney.

Have fun!
For me, personally, the best way is to just drive. The road from AK to DD is a straight shot down the road. If you can drive, that's the quickest and easiest.


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