Best time of the Fall for a visit


Earning My Ears
Mar 1, 2001
I need some advice and I apologize if I am asking the wrong forum but here goes.
I am trying to decide on the best week to visit DW and here are my choices.
October 15-22, 2001 or November 5-12, 2001.
I realize that there is not much difference in time (only a couple of weeks) but I am concerned about crowds and weather. Are crowds bigger in October? Is weather that much poorer in November? See my problem. Of course, prices do drop in November but is it worth it to delay my visit?
The last time we were in DW (Nov.1999) the days were nice but the evenings could get a bit chilly.

Thanks for any advice
I was there 2 years ago at the end of september and the " Big Floyd " was there. I dont know if it elps but ... I tried °o° :D
We've been to WDW several times in October and, as Halloween draws near, the parks seem more crowded. This year we've planned a trip for the beginning of November because I've heard that the crowds are smaller and the weather is still nice.


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