Best table service for family with 2 gluten free diners?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Disneynut5, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Dec 7, 2008
    We are going back to Disney in Dec. We have not made our dining reservations yet. We are going Deluxe with two gluten free diners - myself and 10 year old son. This will be our first Disney trip as GF! I hear that Disney does an excellent job at this.

    Which table service places do GF well? We loved every meal last time and did a few 2 credit meals also. Any GF hints that I need to know? Guess I need to start researching Disney and GF.

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    Same here: myself and DS13 planning next May.

    DS has always been GF/dairy free at Disney (4 WDW trips, 2 DL trips). He generally eats his meats plain (not into sauces) and usuallly eats rice pasta for a side. I've gone full GF this year and am much better off since.
    Probably every TS has been able to accomodate his diet--even on short notice. The only problem we run into is desserts--this can be pretty limiting as they often offer a brownie (really good but seems to be the default dessert among CS and TS). CS is much better these days about GF and will usually prepare DS food separately to avoid contamination.

    Goood luck--Disney is actually the easy way to travel on this diet. They take this issue very seriously.
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    Call WDW dining - they have CM's who specialize in Celiac, very helpful.
    You will get a form and some dining suggestions.
    All places you make an ADR at will know about the gluten free requirements - very subtle, not annouced to all guests.

    :thumbsup2WDW is wonderful for special diets

    Enjoy eating on vacation :goodvibes

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