Best place to refresh to get HARD to nab reservations?


Earning My Ears
Jun 5, 2024
I'm trying to get Trader Sams's (Disneyland CA) reservations for after my kid goes to sleep, and those 9pm & later slots are just going too fast for my fingers to click through all the buttons. Can any reservation nabbing pros tell me where the LAST button I can press is to refresh the availability right at 6am? I'm going for 60 days out, so I have to advance the month to see the date I'm going for. I was hoping advancing the month would do it, but yesterday that did NOT show the newly released day at 6am and I missed everything. When I refresh the whole page I get the dang pop up "Ahoy skipper" 21+ notification, so I have to press that OK button and THEN and advance the month, press the day of the month, hit continue, select the time slot, another next or continue button. That's 6 buttons all in different places on the screen and despite a fast connection and computer - I'm not fast enough. Is there a way to get closer to my goal that I'm missing?

(Please don't suggest walk up because the variability of when they call back won't work with timing our Trader Sam's visit between kid's bedtime and my own ;)

Thank you!
Or…does anyone maybe know a keyboard shortcut to get the stupid “Ohoy matey” pop up to close so I’m not mousing around for previous milliseconds?


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