Bastille Day attendance- Is it really bad?

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    We might be going to DLP July 12-16 if the cardiologist clears our son for rides and we find a animal sitter. I am concerned about how bad the crowds in the park will be that day. DH wants to go see the fireworks at the Eifel Tower but it nearly costs 100 Euro for our family of 6 to take the train in and I don't want to deal with smoking and crowds because that could set our son into having an attack. Which do you think will be more crowded? The Eifel tower or DLP that night? Also being from the US I have to say I find alot of French don't care for us so I am not sure being in the middle of Paris would be safe or smart for our family. Any thought or suggestions for those of you familar with the area? Or do you know of a quieter area where the fireworks at the Eifel Tower can be seen from a safe/uncrowded place?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Feb 22, 2007
    I would have thought central Paris would have been busier. I was there several (over 20) years ago on Bastille Day when I was working in Paris. The main celebrations took place in Place de la Concorde where I went with a friend. It was good fun with a Jean Michel Jarre concert and fireworks and laser light shows but very very busy with people letting off bangers and fireworks themselves as well.

    i remember the metro home being so crowded we gave up and just walked

    However as I say it was a long time ago so it may be different now
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    I don't know anything about what the crowds will be like on Bastille Day, but I can address part of your post. I am an American and was in Paris in March. I never felt unsafe or "un-smart" in the middle of Paris. I only speak a tiny bit of French, but everyone I dealt with was very helpful in putting up with my halting attempts, and many spoke at least a bit of English.

    Anyway, I had a great experience there and never dealt with any difficulty because I was American.

    Whatever you decide, have a great time!

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