Bad experience at HRH


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Jan 14, 2000
We were in 4110, the view was beautiful, we were facing the waterway. Everything was wonderful except the housekeeping.
As soon as we arrived to the room on Sunday my DS used the bathroom and the toilet over ran. Maintance was there in 5 min to fix the clog and said housekeeping would be up to clean it up. 1 1/2 hrs went by and we left to go get dinner. We returned and it still was not cleaned. Dh went down stairs and they were going to send maintance right up. My DH made sure they understood we only needed housekeeping. Well maintance came about 10 min later, he call for housekeeping, 10-15 min later maintance came again. This guy called for housekeeping, a while later maintance came again, he called for housekeeping, no one showed. By this time it was 12:30 and we gave up and went to bed. The next afternoon (mon) when we returned form the parks the room had been cleaned (ha ha), the floor still had not been mopped, and the area with the coffee maker and ice bucket had not been touched. My DH talked to management, they promissed it would be well cleaned the next day and gave our family of 4 ,3 free continetal breakfast for thursday. The next day (tues)it was cleaned and everything was good. The next day(wed) they threw away our plastic souviner cups and did not leave any coffee. Thursday morning while checking out my DH talked to management again and we received 4 free breakfast buffets instead of the 3 free continental breakfast and we are suppose to receive a voucher for a free night.

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We also found maintenance to be wonderful during our stay at HRH Early March. Our problem was the AC would not go under 72 degrees. They arrived within 5 minutes. Found our problem to be a missing filter. Sorry your problem was more serious. I would have demaded another room. That seems to be unsanitary having toilet water on the floor. Hope you have better luck in the future.
Hello sha lyn,
I couldn't help but be reminded of my own bad experience with housekeeping. The worst of it was finding gross dirty sheets on our 1st night there.They were very lack the rest of our stay, not emptying waste baskets, not replacing washclothes. Really basic stuff and we were on club level no less! I sure hope someone in management gets the idea that housekeeping needs help and soon.

most of the water was soaked up by the mat in front of the sink, the rest had dried by the time we returned from eating. Certainly the floor wasn't clean by any means but it was not standing in waste for days. the first night it smelled a little but the smell was gone when the mat was removed the next day. My husband actually washed up the spots the next day but the floor was visible streaked and needed to be mopped with someting that would sanitize it.

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What a terrible thing to have happen on your
vacation.Lowes should have put you in another room
for that is awful to leave you with that mess on your floor.I find it incredible to read what you said about the bathroom and Gator Kate said about
the beds.So what is wrong with Lowes that they are
unable to provide basic housekeeping? I guess the
only thing they know how to handle is the underwater music.
Oh, sha_lyn!

I'm so sorry this happened during your vacation! Was the conpensation worth it? If not I'd follow up with a letter. I did that last year after a less than stellar experience at the All Star Music ... :rolleyes:

Hope to hear about the parks. Did you love FOTL??


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FOTL was great. The only ride we waited any time in was Ripsaw falls. That is maily becasue of where the Express/FOTL line joins the line. i think we waited for about 15 min. Most things we walked right on or were on the 2nd or 3rd load after we walked up.

I felt like they could have offered us more mainly becasue it took so long to corrected. I just hope they are able to find a better housekeeping staff. Someone at the front desk (the person DH told he needed management) said they have had a lot of problems with housekeeping. If the hotel wasn't so new I would be more upset. I know how hard it is to weed out the bad employees, especially with how hard it is to fire someone these days.
I will be doing a trip report. Things here have been pretty crazy. Turns out a rat or 2 moved into our washing achine while we were out of town. They destroyed it. Now we are tryimg tp get rid of them and find a new washer (after spending 4 days trying ot fix the washer).

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