Avatar problems....

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May 21, 2000
I've read and studied and I know how to do this, but for some reason I'm not able to. When I click on the "change avatar" button, my computer crashes. I get the "illegal operation" message and I have to shut my computer down. I've tried this many times over the course of this day and I'm going nuts. A couple of other times when I was in CP I had trouble with things, but was eventually able to get it going. I have aol and am otherwise able to process on the new boards. Any suggestions?



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Aug 18, 1999
Same thing used to happen to me when I would try to get into the Smiley Station. I would have to reboot my computer every time!

After we got this new computer (DELL) I have no problems.

Let me bump this up for you. Someone out there must have the answer!

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