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  1. Robinrs

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    Sep 7, 1999
    Hi, everyone.

    I remember when WISH first came into effect. At the time I was struggling with a mystery intestinal illness that had made me lose 75 pounds in less than 4 months.

    Sounds great doesn't it? Not really. As my doctor said I was LUCKY I was overweight first, so I went from a size 22 to a size 8. Imagine if I started at the 8!!

    Well, I LOOKED good, but I felt HORRIBLE. Nothing I ate stayed down, I LIVED in the bathroom and was in and out of doctor's offices and laboratories having every kind of 'oscopy' you could imagine.

    They really never knew what I had, so they LABELED it either colitis or Crohn's disease. They weren't sure which one.

    My doctor suggested a surgery that would have be on a machine for 3 months. At the time my son was 6 and being a single mother that was out of the question. I asked if I could see a nutritionist. They pooh-poohed that idea.

    I thought it just HAD to be my diet, you know "bad in, bad out".

    Well, then I found Dr. Marc D'Aundrea. Dr. Marc, as everyone calls him, is a clinical nutritionist and chiropractor. He doesn't advertise, he gets all of his clients by word of mouth. I ran into a friend of mine who had a auto-immune illness that's similar to Lupus. When I saw her she looked like the picture of health. I wanted THAT! I made an appt the next week.

    He immediately took me off milk and refined sugar. He gave me alternatives so I would not miss them (gotta have my chocolate!). In three weeks the symptoms subsided. In a month, they were gone.

    After 3 and a half years of pain, anxiety and illness, I had a brand new look on life.

    I have gained back half of the weight I lost, which, IMO, is GOOD, because it reminds me that I am healthy again. I would like to lose some of it again, but the right way this time!

    For almost 4 years I was unable to walk more than a block, made all my appts near a bathroom, could not stay awake for more than 2 hours, suffered cramps so bad I could hardly drive and depended on my small child to assist me in the smallest chores. For years he was MY parent. I think this was harder for me than the illness itself. Thank you, Michael, you are my hero...

    But now, I am well, UNTIL I eat something I shouldn't and BOOM, I'm reminded that it was NOT worth it! This past January I went to Orlando for the first time without pain. It was like being there for the first time. :D
  2. December99

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    Aug 25, 1999
    WOW Robin...and I can't believe I missed meeting you. But 75 pounds in 4 months :eek: Well here's to good luck on getting some of the weight off in a more healthy way!!!!
  3. leahannpen

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    Oct 25, 2000
    What a story... You seem to have (from what I've read here) a very interesting life IMHO!

    Thanks for the story! Hopefully we can all help each other out over here!!!
  4. Mrs. Potato Head

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    Sep 14, 2000
    {{{HUGS}}} to you and Michael!!!
  5. luvdsny

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    Jan 31, 2000
    Sad story......neat 'ending' (or should I say 'beginning' ;) ). Thanks for sharing that Robin. :)

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