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Earning My Ears
Feb 10, 2001
Leaving for WDW next week, and l suffer with arthritis. I have it everywhere, but the neck pain is the worst. I will be reviewing the rides to avoid while in WDW, and l am not crazy about those rides anyway. We have two children 3, and 7, so my hubby can take my son 7, on those rides, and l will go with my dd, and enjoy the tame rides. i don't want to take a chance and suffer anymore than l am. Does the Florida weather help your arthritis? Any suggestions? Thanks, Karen
I have arthritis, too. You will be OK, there, I think you need to take good care of yourself and avoid any rides that might be jarring. The weather there helps me. You can't beat those jacuzzis for helping take out the pain. The only ride that isn't marked that is bad for people with neck problems is Spaceship Earth - just skip it. Trust me.

Please be sure to check out our FAQ! Click on the link in my signature. Maybe a GAC would be in order for you...
About Florida weather... if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, the humdity down here will do you in and possibly start a flare. With Osteo, I don't think the weather would bother you too much unless it was cold here.

I have Rheumathoid Arthritis and two years ago as someone else said before , I had a flare while my stay at WDW, at that time it started affecting my shoulders and arms and the only confort I could find was to lift up my left arm for the pain. I remember going to see the Lion King Festival at the AK and since I had my arm partially up , the CM's thought I was trying to get their attention. I finally had to go out in the middle of the show and get my pain killers from the stroller, since then I got put in another medication that's much better and haven't had any flares since.
Last year I went on all thrill rides ( I will only stop doing that when I'm dead ) and I had no problems at all but I do try not to jerk my neck too much, that's my weak point.
This is not true for everyone. I have not had any problem with the humidity causing flares. I have had RA for 40 some years and now have some osteo as well along some other chronic illnesses. I actually do better in the Florida heat and humidity than the cold of the north.
Oh and I still do all but Space Mountain. There is something in the way that one jerks that kills my back and neck. Maybe it is not being able to anticipate the turns.
I have osteoarthritis in my hips which doesn't cause problems on rides, but when I spend a lot of time at the water parks (Blizzard Beach seems to be the worst) it causes a lot of pain. I think it's walking up lots of steps to get to the attractions plus the cold water in the wave pool. This summer will be my first WDW trip with Vioxx. I'm hoping it helps.


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