Are there Cruise Discount Codes like Room-only hotel codes?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by PolyHereWeCome, Jan 5, 2006.

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    In celebration of my parents' 50th anniversary, my sister, brother, and I along with our spouses and children (a total of 8 adults and 5 kids) are going on a Disney Eastern Cruise in late July 2007.

    Not sure how many nights (3, 4 or 7) but they wrote that they're thinking about getting "4 cabins with verandas on Deck 6". I assume that means Category 6.

    Are there discount codes for Disney cruises like room-codes on hotel rooms? Is it better to book this far out? We didn't use a travel agent for our WDW trips, but is there a savings by using a travel agent (Small World?)?

    Truly welcome any thoughts about when to book, what different categories are like, and 3-4- or 7 nights.

    Mousesavers website lists prices for all of 2007, except 5/25-8/15. Is that considered peak? :wizard:
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    I have never seen discounts codes like the rooms. The best advice I can give you is to book far in advance (at least a year). Also try one of the Travel agents who do a lot of business with DCL. Those that come to mind are Dreams Unlimited who is the sponsor of this board or Allseasons travel. (there are others). July is peak season so prices will be much higher that time of year. You can look at Disney Deck plans under the Dreams Unlimited logo above.

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    Lately, the only Disney provided "CODES" have been promotions for new booking that give you an "On-Board Credit" (usually about $50-$75).

    It used to be that Disney had "CODES" to get discounts for cruising in the off-season (Sept-Oct) aka "Fall Fantasy". But in these last few years, they've dropped the need for "CODES" and just included the "discount" in the current price structure.

    The only ways I've seen to discounts on DCL is through specials available through a Travel Agent (such as the "REDUCED RATE Disney Cruise Line Staterooms!" announcement currently seen at the top of this forum).

    I'm not sure of the exact nature of these discounts... but I'm guessing they are working as if TAs are booking blocks of cabins at group rates and sell them at a discount. Of course it might be that Disney supplies a "block of cabins" for all TAs to sell at a discount.
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    No "codes" but...

    I usually book all my own travel (thru internet or calling Disney directly), but my experience with DCL is that I have gotten better rates with travel agencies. Also, even if an agency has the same rate as DCL, many often give you a room credit (which you WILL use! can even use toward your tipping), which is a form of discount.

    There's no risk in booking this far out (if prices go down, re-book!), because of DCL's liberal cancellation policy. (obviously, though, that means you are paying a sizeable deposit now rather than later).

    Happy Planning!
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    7-day cruises past April of 2007 have not been released yet. They say they will not be released until this April and then it may be to another destination. Some speculate it will be to the Mediteranian.

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