AP or PAP?


Feb 13, 2000
I am so undecided on what to get. A regular Anual Pass or a Premium for my kids. I have a regular AP and am not that interested in the water parks. And I have never been to Disney Quest so cant realy comment on that.

Are there any other things I should consider in my decision. I am sure we will get at least two 10 or so day visits out of the year. Maby more depending on what 'specials' I can find. So I know an AP is the way to go. But I can't decide which one.



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Nov 10, 1999
If you're staying at a resort with a great pool and slide, the PAP's aren't as much of a need. Also, if you're going during a cooler time of year PAP's may be too much of a gamble.



Feb 13, 2000
Belle - your my neighbor! Thanks for the reply. I feel that we can do water parks here at home. But know nothing of Disney Quest. It was not there the last time I visited.

Does a PAP give any extras besides these two?


Feb 13, 2000
Now I am confused!! I called and was told if I purchaced the passes now they would be effective NOW. Anotherwords, my vacation is 2 months away and that woudld be wasted.

A different CM told me TODAY that the VOUCHER would be good for a year, and when I redemed it for my actual pass that would be valid for a year from the date I REDEMED it.

Im confused. If I am understanding correctly, the best way to do this is wait until we get to WDW to purchace the passes????


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Mar 7, 2000
The CM who told you that you can purchase your passes now and then activate when you arrive "was" correct for previous years. Sad but true, this past year Disney changed and The passes now are active at time of purchase. We are PAP holders and with 4 teenagers I wouldnt consider anything else. I will tell you that My passes expire May 9 and I will not renew until my planned next visit. I lose the discount but I am not paying for time I do not intend to be their either. Hope this helps, have a Disney day.

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Apr 20, 2000
A little clarity on the AP's. Only renewals of AP's are effective as of the date of expiration of the AP which is at it's year end. If you are buying a new AP, it is not 'date effective' till the date af activation, not purchase. If you buy at the parks, it does go into effect then.

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May 23, 2000
I believe the PAP also includes PI (although if that's all the extras you want you can just buy a PI annual pass).


Feb 13, 2000
THese will be NEW AP's. Frome what I understand Dan saying I can go ahead and get the voucher now. I have one voucher that is now about 1.5 yrs old. But that will fall under the 'old laws'.

But because I still have to activate it at the park the only advantage I can see to buying my other two would be to have them paid for now. Am I correct about this???

Also from what I was told if I bought the 'vouchers' now and did not exchange them within a year for the actual pass, the voucher would expire in a year. Correct? If so, I would tell others that they should wait until getting to the park in case something came up and they were unable to make the trip. That is EXACTLY why I have a voucher this OLD now!!!

Do I have this right now? hehe.


Oct 9, 2000
I use to have the PAP and found that I barely could account for the $100 extra it cost, so after a couple of years I downgraded to the AP. I was allowed to downgrade on a renewal price, but I think they don't allow that option anymore. If you are concerned that the "rules" about the activation of the new APs have changed, I would just wait until you get to WDW and buy your APs there. Afterall, you have to get in the same line to exchange your older vouncher for the AP, why not do it all at the same time. just my opinion.


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