AP Discounts end of June


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Mar 7, 2001
Is anyone getting AP discounts or any other type of discount on moderates for last week of June? Am possibly thinking of going back again if I can get a good rate. My husband has off last week of June, then last week of September, however, I can't take my 13 yo niece with me end of September as she is in school.
Any help appreciated!
Is it possible that the June AP discounts are not out yet?


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Sep 19, 1999
Last I heard AP rates were only out up to May 23rd.

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Mar 16, 2001
Hi, if you or anyone finds out about any AP rates for the end of June/first week of July, e-mail me at mickeys_friend@hotmail.com also if anyone comes across any new codes or discounts let me know. I already keep checking on Mary Waring site daily, but just in case someone finds something for this time of travel that she doesn't have on her site please e-mail me.THANKS


Apr 30, 2001
If you are military or DoD civilian and SOG is full, you can ask them to put you in a moderate overflow room at Disney. They quoted me $99 for July. If not.. maybe you could stay offsite, or in downtown disney? I'm staying in the Marriott in Downtown Disney for $40 + $5 bonus off of priceline... and the Renaissance is going for the same on priceline. They arent Disney moderates, but nice hotels to stay in.


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May 27, 2000
if u where in the army national guard for 8 years
can u stay at SOG ??

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