AOL from BWV


<font color=red>aka Evil Emperor Zurg<br><font col
Nov 19, 2000
Anyone use ALO from BWV and know a local number. I'm thinking 1000 free hours may be my ticket to the net while I'm on vacation.
I used it in December. All the Orlando numbers on their list are local. Do not use Kissimmee, that is a toll. If you are a DVC member, the charge will be 35 cents per call, 75 cents for non-members. I got knocked off a few times plus my laptop starting freezing on me, so I was glad it was only 35 cents per call. I had used 5.0 with no problems at OKW last May, I installed 6.0 before the BWV trip in December. After all the freezes, I uninstalled 6.0 and put 5.0 back (it's a 64 RAM). I only use it while I'm away, so I haven't tried it again yet.
I checked w/ the front desk, before using AOL at BWV. The CM had the AOL # memorized, so I guess I'm not the only one who asked.:)


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