Anyone get discounted Polynesian Conceirge or LV recently?


Apr 23, 2000
Just curious if anyone has been able to get a discounted room at Polynesian for conceirge or LV. I was able to get Polynesian GV, June 21-30, with one of the new codes, but they tell me that the only discounted rooms at Conceirge or LV level is with DC. I have DC, but that's not much of a discount. I'd still be paying $160/night more over GV room. It's not worth that much to me, but I'll keep on trying until the minute I check-in.
We have an AP discount for a GV concierge room for $295 (includes tax) on July 20th-24th. That's $40 more than last year :( I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them or just do a standard room, but once we've done concierge it's hard for us to go to the Polynesian and not do it!
I have AP discount on LV concierge for 7/4-7/9. I'm hoping that a code discount will come out.
I reserved a GV concierge room with an AP discount May 25-June 3 for around $330/night including tax. I had to call a few times over a couple of weeks before I got the discount.
Thanks for the info. It looks like the AP is the way to go. I've asked two diff. CM's about AP discounts and they said there are none available during my dates with those discounts. Of course both said there were no AP discounts at all, so I had to have them look under Mickey Monitor discounts and they still said there's nothing. I'll keep trying.
We have a Poly LV concierge discount July 12--14 with an AP. It's $359 including tax. Last year in December we got garden view concierge for $229 plus tax. I am hoping a better code comes out as well, but it's still good savings over rack rate and it's only two nights in between our DVC stays.
Robin M.
and managed to snag a DC, followed by a code discount, and finally an AP for $330.23 p/n (tax inclusive) at Polynesian GV Concierge for 6/14-22/02. The DC rate was only a 10% off rack or around $424, the code rate was $20 more than the AP.
Hi. :-)

Can anyone tell me the advantage of getting a room on the Concierge floor?



Concierge (at Polynesian) has a free continental breakfast every morning, free fridge in the room, a couple of food offerings. Appetizers & wine around dinner time and desserts & cordials later in the evening. You get free soda, water, juice, coffee to take to the parks too if you want. You can have breakfast looking at the castle.:) The lounge is a great place to see the fireworks at night too. The staff also makes all of your PS arrangements.

I have stayed at the AKL concierge and didn't like it as much. :)

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