Anyone ever use priceline name your own price?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by ryanshana, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. ryanshana

    ryanshana DIS Veteran

    Nov 14, 2008
    Just curious, and if we lowball the offer are we going to get like 20 stops and arrive in disney like 3am LOL thanks for any advice!
  2. Mattsmommy

    Mattsmommy Mouseketeer

    Jul 11, 2007
    I tried hotwire for airline tickets and got a great deal this summer for 59 each way to orlando. We didn't get to pick the flight, times, or airline but lucky for us they were nonstop tickets and the time I would have chosen. We didn't get the details of the flight until after we paid for the tickets.
  3. atksn

    atksn Mouseketeer

    Sep 20, 2008
    When we have done it in the past, we have had decent luck. I have only used it for air once or twice, but use it for hotels all the time. I know w/ hotels you specify star level and what part of a metro area when naming the price. If I recall correctly, you may be able to do that on airfare as well- naming your max. # of layovers and/or if you are willing to do a red eye. Maybe go thru the whole process except actually hitting the button to officially submit your offer, and see if it lets you put in any requests along the way. If so, you are pretty safe, if not, you are probably taking a gamble.

    The other site I really like is . That site will search for the lowest prices out there, directly from the airlines, Orbitz/Expedia and the like, as well as other sites that you may have never heard of. We were able to get non stop, direct flights for our upcoming trip for $128 each by looking there :yay: . I believe Southwest is the only (well at least somewhat) major airline that does not show up on any search site- you have to look directly on thier website.
  4. kaytieeldr

    kaytieeldr Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

    Jun 11, 2005
    If you 'name your price' for airfare on Priceline, your flight will depart between 6 AM and 10 PM. While the posters above seem to have had reasonable luck, frequently PL users find themselves arriving at their destinations late and departing early - effectively cutting two days off the stay at the destination.

    If you can limit the number of stops, I don't think 0 is an option - it's probably more like 1-2, and 3. Another option is whether or not you're willing to fly on a prop plane.

    And of course, all transactions are final. Your credit card is billed immediately if your bid is successful, and there are NO refunds or credits.
  5. dburg30

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    Jun 15, 2007
    IMO, for airline tix, shop around and find a price you are comfortable with. I could never blindly put in a price and not know when / how long to get there. With a car or motel at least you are pretty much assured it will be close to the area you picked. May not be a 5 star or new car, but it probably wont take you a day to get to your car or motel either like the flight could

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