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    Mar 3, 2002
    Last nights O'Reilly Factor had an interesting feature on Disney and the "gayday" event. They had a christian bloke on, who had captured some pretty disturbing footage when he attended "undercover", and from the opposing side, one of the "gayday" organisers.

    I know ive read some discusion here in the past that some people have been quite upset when they have unwittingly attended a park on these days, and it was interesting to see it debated.

    From what I can gather, this christian group wanted Disney at the very least to advertise the fact that it is a special event day, but they wont, for fear of driving away family visitors.
    O'Reilly as usual got it spot on, it doesnt matter if the antics caught on film were between 2 men, or a man and a woman, or 2 monkeys at Animal was inappropriate in a family theme park, regardless of who was participating.

    I wasnt particularly impressed with what the gay bloke had to say though, he just continued to repeat he had'nt seen the footage, and that if people wanted to check there wasnt an event on, they could check his website, or something, where the events are all listed. Anyone wanting to particularly avoid the parks (for whatever reason) on one of these days might be best taking note of that site for future reference though.

    Ive tried to be neutral and not offend anyone in my summing up of the program...I do hope i've suceeded.

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