Anyone else see Regis at MGM


DIS Veteran
Jan 17, 2002
We went to the last show of Millionaire, Play It on 1/23. Two contestants into the show and the host seemed confused. Backstage someone shouts "Hey, wait a minute!" and Regis walked out. The audience went wild! He hosted for one contestant and then sat in the hot seat for a round. He gave his "prizes" to a young girl in the audience. It was a unique end to an already great day!
How exciting!! It was nice of him to give his winnings to someone in the audience. Thanks for sharing.
Saw Regis wandering around AK - Africa after the parade with his wife and two others. My brother said hello and he said hi back. Tried to make it to the Millionaire show at MGM but didn't get there ...
My DH and I got separated when DD and I tried to do a little shopping. We left and went to Epcot, as that's what we planned on and he stayed to look for us a bit then went to Millionaire. He was so excited when we met up later that Regis came to the studio during the game.

The next day (1/24) when we all went to play, one of the CM's told us he stopped in while he was vacationing because he was "in the neighborhood".



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