Anyone cashout and get Milesource GC


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Aug 12, 2000
My mother and I both cashed out for a milesource Super certificate earlier this month (Mom did it earlier than me , I cashed out on 4/18) We have not heard anything.

This is the first time cashing out with Milesource- Is this normal for them? Do they always take this long ????
It took about a month when I cashed out. I think that is normal for them.:D
I just read over at mycoupons that some people that cashed out the first of April are getting started getting their gc yesterday, so ours will probably be here in the next few days.
I got my Supercertificate # yesterday and redeemed it for $75 in RainForest Cafe gift certificates last night! Lisa
I'm praying that some of the RFC are still in stock when I get my supercertificate! If not, I may be forced to get a bath and body works;)
And to think that I was hoping for a Rainforest Gift certificate for my trip May 20th!!
Oh well, I'll still take it for our trip in September.:wave:
Mom got her number for her supercertificate today. I guess mine will come in about 2 weeks( she cashed out 4/2 and I cashed out 4/18)

The good news- If she gets her giftcertificate before I leave, she will give it to me and then I will give her mine when I get it!( they're for the same thing, same amount)

Aren't Moms great!!!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


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