Any TDS still carrying 100 years of Dreams Pins?

Simba's Mom

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Aug 26, 1999
Our closest TDS is about 50 miles away so I haven't been there since December. However, for only $4 each, if there are still any out there, it might be worth a trip for me or DS (who also is about 25 miles from a Disney Store).
When I was up there last week the West Farms Store in W. Hartford, CT still had some left. The Meriden, CT did not have any. Haven't been to any other stores lately. If you still need some I have a few and would either trade or sell at cost. See my post under Let's Trade!
I have many of the DS YOD pins to trade.

PLMK what pins you need and what your traders
are and maybe we can work out a trade.


Bob (
It's far for you, but if you want them shipped, the DS in the Mall of America here in MN has TONS of 100 YoD - no state pins though.
Omaha has just a hand full remaining. But DH was in Des Moines, IA Thursday. He said they had one whole rack side left of nothing but YoD pins. (no state pins)
Natick, Ma. Gallery Store still has a bunch, ...SI, NY store only has a few, NY 5th Ave store has a a few.

send me email if you still looking for pins.

Simba's Mom, I have several extra pins from the 100 Years of Dreams collection. Let us know here what you need/would like & I'm sure you can find them :).
The Amarillo store still has tons of 100 yrs series. They don't have any of the lower number pins, but many of the later ones. They also have all the 2002 pins except for the water tower and all the new pin books. The phone number there is 806/351-0031.

If you have special ones that you are looking for, I will be glad to check!



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