Any reviews of The Unsolved Mysteries of Barefoot Bay?


Jul 14, 2010
My 12 year old would like to do this Pirate Cruise from the Caribbean Beach Resort. I am looking for any reviews. He has done the younger aged Pirate Cruises a few times (from different resorts) so I am looking to see if there is a huge difference between them (aside from the age group and the fact that this one happens at night.)

Thanks in advance!
My son did this on July 25th. He was the only one signed up for the evening. They said usually there are more, but for that evening he was the only one. I thought he might be disappointed and not want to go, but he thought it would be fun to be the only one (aside from the staff) out on the boat. They did offer the opportunity for a refund if he didn't want to go. Shortly before they were to leave, they received word that there was electrical activity (lightening) 7 miles out. They use 6 miles, as a rule, to cancel water events according to the staff. Since it was so close they opted not to sail. They had an indoor game/activity/trivia event planned as a back-up. Again, they offered a refund if we didn't want to do that. My son wanted to still participate so he and the 3 "pirate" staff members headed off to play the game. He had a great time and although he wished he had been able to go out on the boat, he was happy that he did the activity with them.


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