Any 3.5 year olds who did not use a stroller (on a week+ long trip)? Also park stroller rental ?


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Nov 25, 2005
When DS was 4 we had to go out and buy a stroller before our Disney trip. He had been out of one for a while. We took off the front tray so he could get in and out of it by himself. He liked that a lot better. He didn’t feel like a baby. While he could have probably walked, I was more fearful of him getting trampled or caught in a crowd and lost. Peace of mind means a lot.


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Apr 19, 2002
For older kids who normally don't use them, an umbrella-fold stroller is usually best for travel (MUCH easier to deal with on buses), but I advise trying to get one with adjustable handles unless the parent who will push it is very petite. The really cheap ones tend to have very short handles, and that will kill your back after a while (and the really small wheels are hard to push with a heavier load)


Jul 12, 2012
For us, the stroller is for the kids but it’s also a place for our stuff. I don’t keep valuables in it, but find we need more stuff with kiddos in tow (snacks, change of clothes). I am not looking forward to outgrowing the stroller because we will lose our spot for the snack cooler and have to carry it around!

Mine don’t use the stroller all day. Mostly in and out of the park and if they get tired. We park it in a central spot for a bit and then grab it as we move on. Also helps us keep them from getting run over or lost in crowds.


May 12, 2018
Our first trip to Disney, our son was 3.5 and he didn't use a stroller (he stopped around the time he turned 2 and was just head strong that he didn't want one). We managed fine on that trip BUT that was because when he got tired, he used my husband as his human mule and made my husband wear him on his shoulders. Unless you or your husband wants to be your child's mule, I would get the stroller. We have gotten one on other trips and my son has learned they are actually okay to ride in.


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Feb 17, 2020
Not a chance. I wouldn't even consider going strollerless to the parks with one that young. Besides, at that age, strollers are as much about containment as they are about capability, and for sure at some point over 9 days he/she will need to be contained, whether he likes it or not.
Good luck, mama of littles! I'm right there with you.


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