Another Secret Pin Santa needs help!

Discussion in 'Trades/Wants Board' started by disneyboysmousehouse, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. disneyboysmousehouse

    disneyboysmousehouse Mouseketeer

    Jan 20, 2001
    Santa here with a B-I-G request. I've just received a Christmas wish list from a special someone. Although I made a list and checked it twice, it seems these pins cannot be found
    at the North Pole Disney Store. In keeping with the spirit of giving, I am calling on all you
    good pin-trading boys and girls to lend a hand.

    The pins in need come from both Disneyland and Disney World. To keep this our little secret,
    I will not list which pins they are. You understand. Instead, email me and I will gladly send you the list. I have many pins to offer in exchange or will buy if the price is right. Hey, even Santa has a budget! Meanwhile, I'll be soaking up some warm FL sunshine with my good pal Disneyboy. He was kind enough to let me use his computer and email address. Please help old Saint Nick work his magic. Drop me a line and I'll send you the list. Til then, Season's Greetings! Ho ho ho.

    Your pal Santa (
  2. AZ JazzyJ

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    Dec 6, 2000
    Dear Santa,

    First off let me say that I have been a really good boy this year so please remove me from that "Naughty" list. I have some white-out if you need it.

    Second, I appreciate you hanging out with us here on the DIS Collector's board and wish you the best of luck in your shopping adventures. I would like to remind all of Santa's helpers that Santa can only buy pins at cost and in the case of Cast Member pins, he is only allowed to trade for them. So please, be good for goodness sakes.


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