Another question about tickets?


Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2000
Ok...This may be a lame question, but I cant seem to find the answer.

If I buy a 1 day ticket, can I hop between USO and IOA? If not the 1 day ticket are there "hoppers" that can be bought?

No, you need to buy a two or three day escape ticket to be able to do park hopping.
Thanks more question. With the escape passes do they expire? I mean can I use one day to hop then save the other day for a future trip?

WDW trip 19 in Dec 2001
Unused days never expire, so you can just save them for your next trip. Also, don't forget the price from two to three day is relatively minimal (only $15 for the third day), so you should buy one of those if you can afford it and know you will be back.

Also, I've seen folks sell unused days on Ebay. I would never buy these myself, because there's no way of knowing if the days really are not used, but there are plenty of others out there who do buy them ...
Thanks again Beckles...thats exactly what I needed to know :)

WDW trip 19 in Dec 2001


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