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    Mar 1, 2007
    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that if you can't get your preferred resort/dates through Disney for the 4/3 deal, you might want to try United Vacations. I wanted to change my check-in date on a reservation and Disney didn't have any availability under the 4/3. Another poster here (I'm sorry, I don't remember who) mentioned that they had booked through AA Vacations and gotten their dates. I didn't have luck with AAV, but DID with UV. Plus UV was offering a "free" upgrade (I think there was a little extra tacked on but still much less than you'd normally pay) to park hoppers and a $100 gift card (for travel on dates that aren't covered by the Disney gift card incentive, $300 for dates that are). I also got a great deal on airfare!

    The downside is you have to pay for everything upfront, no payment plan available. If you can swing it though, it might be worth checking out! :thumbsup2

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