Another lurker finally saying hello! :)


Earning My Ears
Nov 2, 2014
Hey everyone, my name is Katrina and I'm finally on the boards after a couple weeks of too much lurking.

Living in sunny south Florida, about 2 hours away from DW, I've been visiting the parks often (all but Animal Kingdom so far), to say the least. My bf (who got me hooked) and I have been at least 10 times in the last 2 years or so, every birthday and holiday we've been to the parks for at least a 1 night visit. Amazingly enough, it feels like every time we visit, something new seems to jump out at us. The same rides...somehow feel different. I still haven't seen it all, and I don't imagine I will anytime soon, but even a simple visit that's rained out, or too short, or too crowded or too anything, it's still magical every time. All this, it keeps us going back for more. Next visit is in less than a week...Wilderness Lodge, here we come!

So beyond the resorts and the attractions and the visits, I had to google something awhile back and found these boards. Until lately the boards have been fantastic for scoping out allergy restaurant reviews (pesky gluten!), but after planning our latest last minute trip, I've become addicted to the cancellation threads. Still hoping and praying and lurking for my last minute ressies! :thumbsup2

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