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Mar 29, 2001
How do you get the entertainment rate I see people talking about at the HRH? We are going to be there June 10-13 and if we can't get a cheaper rate than $169, we'll probably just stay there one night and somewhere else the other two. So, how are you all getting the great rate?
Hi, just got off second shift at the nuclear power plant so you may have a idea how much i am looking forward to my may trip. our rooms were first booked at about 169 a night for the garden view. after we read about the ET rates we called HRH and said we have a entertainment card, can we chage our rooms. we ended up upgrading to the water view for 129 a night. i hear there are a limited amount of roooms for the ET book so call fast even if you do not yet have a book. you can buy one later as they do not ask you for any data and the cards are not coded to anyone. even at 169 a night you might as well stay at hrh for the fotl, i am paying much more for my days in the beach club and as i do not get to go on vacation as often as i would like, i figure you only live once. good luck
So how do I actually get this entertainment book that will get me the discounted rate?
you getthe book for your area. It's a coupon book good for different states, counties,etc. Even if you are buying the book to use at Orlando you can buy the coupon book for your area that way you can use them year round and still use the card for the HRH discount. The book takes about6-7 days to get here but you don't need it to make reservations. You just show them the card at check in.
Before you go to and order check out some of the charitable organizations in your area...and see if they are offering the entertainment book. Many non-profit/school type organizations sell the book as a fundraiser. The book costs the same (some areas cost more that others I believe). You can get your coupons and your card...and help out an organization too! It may be too the new books will be available in September for 2002...but check it out anyway.

Just my 2 cents!

CindyZ in CT, and Mom of 3!

I went ahead and booked it at $169 a night and will hopefully get to switch to the entertainment rate, but I'm doubting there's some still available for our dates (June 10-13). Thanks for the tip about schools and non-profits selling them... I'll check it out this week :)
I went ahead and made reservations for next years spring break because I was terrified of not having a room....they said the entertainment rates are not available for 2002 yet.....I'm not sure what this means, they said I have to keep calling back and checking
Go to Loews and apply for the Loew's First Card, possible upgrade with it to concierge level depending on avilability. Concierge has food/beer, continental breakfast etc.Costs nothing but time to apply....


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