Another BCV ressie question


Mar 27, 2001
Sorry if this has been asked before. Ok if I buy 50 points at BCV, say on 2/11. My WVL use year is Dec. so I assume that would be my BCV use year, correct? Can I use the 50 BCV points for a reservation this August when it 1st opens? If so, would that be considered borrowing? Would I get my 1st 50 pts in Dec. 2002?

What I'd like to do is get 2 studio's at BCV beginning 8/11 for 4 or 5 nights. But I would need those 50 BCV points to complete the ressie.

You can borrow your BCV points as you will have closed on your purchase on June 1. You will only get points for Dec 2002, nothing before, unfortunately!
If I understand "the rules" correctly, you cannot borrow points until after your contract closes. Since that won't happen for your BCV points until June, you will not be able to make a reservation using the borrowed BCV points until sometime in June.

Based on your post, you will not be able to complete your desired reservation until after your BCV contract closes. Availability MAY be a problem for you. Point inventory not reserved by DVC members 60 days ahead of time is made available to CRO for cash rental.

Good luck!
Carol is right except maybe you should check with your guide, mine mentionned the term advancing your points. I'm not sure how this differs from borrowing except maybe they are making an exception because of presales? In other purchases you close within 1 month, but since you won't close until June maybe they have a different policy? Also since they are selling well as reported by Spruce, more inventory may be declared to DVC giving you a better chance if you do have to wait until June to reserve. I'm not sure how quickly they declare inventory after the sales are made?

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