Annual Pass for a 10-day visit??

Discussion in 'Tokyo Disneyland' started by clkelley, Dec 28, 2010.

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    We are in the early planning stages for a 8 to 10 week around the world extravaganza to all Disney parks, the Australia ABD and a Disney Cruise or two thrown in there.

    We are WDW Florida AP holders and have a VERY relaxed style of visiting those parks.

    There are two reasons for our relaxed style. One is we've been there so many times, but the 2nd reason is DHs energy level/health.

    As far as I can tell the only ticket options are consecutive days 4-day tickets.

    Well, we just absolutely don't tour that way.

    We may spend the morning at a park, then back to the room for the rest of the day, then out to dinner, then an attraction or two in the evening.

    Then in the middle of the trip, have a day where we do nothing but go to a resort meal. Then of course we'll need at least one day to do "something" in Tokyo.

    So really our touring style and energy level indicates APs, but as far as I can tell they are REALLY expensive.

    Has anyone done that.

    I even thought about two of the four-day tickets, with two empty days right in the middle. But like I said, I would much rather have the flexibility to tour when the weather and energy levels are best.

    Has anyone done that?? Looking at DLP and Hong Kong, they have ticket options that will work. It's only TDL that has the limitations.
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    I haven't done this but I do have some ideas to help you out.

    The cost of an annual pass is significantly more than buying two 4-day Passes (per person). So if money isn't an issue then I'd go with the annual pass. Then you would have all the flexibility in the world. But again it's extremely expensive.

    Maybe just buy 1-2 day park passes as you need them? It'll obviously be a bit more than buying a 4-day pass. Then you don't have to spend a ton of money on an annual pass. I'm sure you've looked at the prices on their website but I'll give the link anyway.

    I'm not sure on your situation exactly (energy levels) but you can upgrade a park pass for an additional day before you leave the park. I did that and it was pretty easy.

    It's a bit of a pain but that's what I came up with for your situation. Hopefully this helps :)

    EDIT: I'm insanely jealous! You'll have a good time!
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    deleted ... reason: does not apply to Tokyo Disney

    (Edited to add: You're a seasoned Disney and DISboards veteran so what follows is only for those eavesdropping.)

    If all of your Florida Disney days are in a 14 day time span, then one 8 to 10 day ticket is much better and much cheaper than two 4 or 5 day tickets.

    Days you visit do not have to be consecutive.

    It is not mandatory to get an upgrade in before the last day on the ticket as it stands is consumed.

    Not sure how much a Tokyo Disney AP costs but a Hong Kong AP cost (in 2008) less than that of three single day tickets.

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