And all at once, everything was different. Literally. *WDW NYE 2019 TR* Updated 4/11x2*COMPLETE*

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  1. xlsm

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    Oct 19, 2013
    Hello and welcome to a new xlsm trip report!!

    My last few have been adults only trips, but this time we decided to bring the kids back. They were pretty happy about that!!

    If you're new to my reports, we are a family of four: Me and DH, 30 somethings who are way too busy for our own good, and our two boys. X is the oldest at 15, and L is 13.

    Here we are on our first family trip in 2014:


    and here we are now (we were all tired, I'm sorry - none of these new castle pictures show us looking particularly thrilled!!)


    We're glad you had a great trip, xlsm!! What can we expect this time around??

    Welllll....expect the unexpected I guess. The TR title is super literal. If you followed along with my pre-trip report (found HERE) you'll find that we barely did anything we had planned!!

    Meals were cancelled and new ones booked the night before, FPs were cancelled, park days were changed, and one park day was blown off completely (you'll hear about that one right away), and we ended up spending most of our time by the pool.

    That sounds crazy! You spent so much time planning, what were you thinking??

    I'm thinking I finally figured out how to relax!!


    Congratulations!! Relaxing is hard! Now where'd you stay and all that good stuff??

    We stayed at the Polynesian from 12/30 - 1/5. The first time I stayed at the Poly I didn't like it at'll have to wait and find out if I changed my mind this time around!!

    Why should I stick around and read this? Did you do anything cool?

    YES!! We had some very exciting days. To me at least :rotfl:
    We had a VIP guide on New Year's Day, we got to pet a rhino, and we drank a lot. Well, at least DH and I did :eek: :drinking1

    I can't wait to share this trip with you. It's very different from the trips we usually take!

    Stay with me for awhile and hear all about it!! Let's go!

  2. xlsm

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    May 5, 2013
    Joining in! Can't wait to read more!
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    May 8, 2009
    Yay! Here
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    Aug 14, 2006
    Following along. Can’t wait to read about the VIP tour and all the other stuff too
  7. sheri18

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    Jul 18, 2011
    Following...we leave in 5 days...excited and stressed at the same time...never been in January...what to pack...ugh
  8. xlsm

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    Oct 19, 2013
    I might as well go ahead and start things off!!

    Chapter One: XLSM and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

    So if you followed my PTR and saw my updates, you already know that our travel day did not go well. This will be a text heavy post, followed by not-so-awesome family selfies and general terribleness, but it will eventually become prettier and shinier and nicer. I promise!!


    We were really looking forward to travel day. Our flight was scheduled to depart around 3:00pm-ish, we booked on points and were basically flying for next to nothing and had upgraded the first flight to first class. We had an hour layover in Atlanta, which is enough time to grab a snack and board the final flight, and were scheduled to land at MCO around 9:00pm or so. We had enough hotel reward points to book the Hyatt in the airport pretty cheap for the night, and were just in general feeling pretty proud of the sweet set up we'd manage to put together.


    As we were loading the suitcases into DH's truck for the drive to the airport, I got the alert from the Delta app that our flight was on time. Woohoo!!

    We were about two miles from the house when I got another Delta alert that our flight departure had been pushed back by about 30 minutes. Boo, but ok. Not a huge deal. We kept driving. Two more alerts came in back to back, now we were pushed back about an hour and a half. We would be cutting our connection very close, potentially missing it. We were already halfway to the airport and decided to keep going, since we could talk to an agent there and see what our options were. While driving we called Delta, and the automated response said they'd call back...lines were busy. Uh oh.


    At the airport, the boys and I found some comfy chairs and DH went to talk to the check in agent and see what our options were. At this point, the flight was continuing to be pushed back, and we were now scheduled to land in Atlanta well after our connecting flight would have departed.
    They were trying to rebook us on American, but since we'd booked on AmEx reward points, they couldn't change us to a different airline. Then, because we had paid to upgrade to first class on the home-to-Atlanta and Atlanta-to-home portions of our trip, they couldn't change us to non-first class. WTH?? DH told them we didn't care about first class, please just get us to Orlando tonight.

    In the end, we were put on standby for a connecting flight leaving Atlanta for Orlando at 8:55pm, and if we missed that, a guaranteed flight out of Atlanta the following morning at 7:55am.

    We decided to go ahead and check in, go through security and just wait and see.

    Guess what???

    Our flight was pushed back AGAIN!!

    We ended up being delayed for over a total of FIVE HOURS. Five hours of waiting in the airport. It was due to a late crew - the airplane they were coming in on was delayed, and it caused a chain reaction. Then, our plane had mechanical issues and we were stuck on the runway while it was taken care of and paperwork was finished. I joked that we lived there now, the airplane was our, home.


    By the time we got on, we were exhausted and starving, borderline cranky. Obviously we did our traditional plane selfie, to document our tortured state.


    And that's pretty much the last nice moment we had on this day. While we were dealing with this, we were trying to figure out where our bags were going to end up. We were told to tell the gate agent in Atlanta to pull our bags and send them to the carousel so they didn't go anywhere.

    So that's what we did (we landed in Atlanta about an hour and a half after we were supposed to have landed in Orlando). And the gate agent said they couldn't help us, go to the help desk. DH did that while the kids and I tried to find food. Almost everything was closed, it was just after 10pm. We found a burger place still open for about fifteen minutes, and got the last four sandwiches available. While the kids and I were doing that, the first help line DH was in cut off right as it was his turn, closed the line and sent him and about 30 other angry customers off to another desk in another concourse. After yet another line was shut down, we ended up downstairs by luggage claim, where he found someone who actually helped us and gave us a hotel voucher for the night. While he was doing that, I was trying to track down our luggage. One suitcase was on its way to Orlando, and the other three had been put into cold storage there in Atlanta, the wait time was two hours, and we had about six hours before we would be flying out. No way we were getting our suitcases that night.


    Angry, tired, and feeling defeated (but at least slightly less hungry), we took our carry ons and hotel voucher outside to catch the shuttle to the Doubletree that Delta was putting us up in for the night.

    We got a whopping three hours of sleep before catching an uber back to the airport. Our driver was high and reeked of weed. DH was pretty sure we were going to die, LOL!! She kept messing with her GPS and nearly rear ended two cars. But we made it! We got through security, found our gate, and when we boarded we discovered they'd bumped us to first class on this flight too. Was our bad luck coming to an end??


    The wall in front of me on the airplane looked like Spaceship Earth, so I took it as a good sign.


    There wasn't a lot of messing around once we got to Orlando. I paused to quickly take this picture of the terminal tree:


    but after that we rushed down to get our bags and get on the Magical Express.

    My tired guys:


    There's no words to describe how happy I was to see this:


    Our bus stopped at Ft. Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, The Contemporary, and finally, the Polynesian.

    We made it!!


    That's it for now!! First day report coming soon!!
  9. suse66

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    Sep 3, 2008
    Yay! Glad you finally made it there after an insanely stressful day. I've been following you on IG so got to see a few peeks into the fun. I can't believe you are home already! Why does Disney time go by so much faster than non Disney time?
  10. Smilelea

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    Jun 15, 2017
    OH wow! Your intro certainly hooked me to continue following (which was already the case because I want to read about your VIP day!)

    But your travel day.... Yikes! I'm looking forward to reading about the good parts especially after that beginning :scared1:
  11. StarWarsMomofGirls!

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    Oct 16, 2015
    I am here!!!! And you are not half way through your trip report!

    You were def at the right resort for that!

    This sounds great! I need drink suggestions for the Poly when we go.

    Still smiling... mostly

    Ugh! This sounds horrible!

    At least you guys were to stay at the hotel at the Orlando airport. I would be even more depressed if I was to be on property already.

    OMG!!!! I really don't know what I would do if this happened to us!!! Oye!

    Your bags made it with you!!! That is a HUGE plus!

    That must have felt so good!

    Can't wait to here all about the trip!
  12. Raeven

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    Sep 15, 2015
    Following along! :wave2:

    I was so angry for you! I kept telling Josh what was going on even though I'm sure he didn't know what was happening :rotfl: I was like you'll never believe it @xlsm's flight was pushed back again stupid airport!

  13. lauren_elizabeth

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    Feb 1, 2006
    Yikes! Y’all had one heck of a travel day! Driving through those Disney arches just makes all the stress melt away.

    So fun to stay at the Poly! Can’t wait to see where your room was!
  14. xlsm

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    Oct 19, 2013
    Yay!! Welcome!!

    Hi!! I'm glad you're here!!

    The VIP day was interesting!! It seemed to go very fast, and I have so many opinions about it, LOL!!

    Woohoo!! You're so close!! January is definitely hard to pack for. We had amazing weather this year, but last year we were freezing. The unpredictability can be so frustrating, I agree! I hope you have an amazing trip!!

    That day was the worst!! I was really proud of myself for remaining calm, and I held it together well until the lost luggage lady told me there was no way we'd get our bags in Atlanta that night. I almost cried and had to walk away and let DH deal with it, b/c I was afraid I'd say something I shouldn't!

    I have a lot to say about the VIP day!! I will say, my new Disney dream job is to be a Plaid.

    The trip definitely improved after the travel day craziness. A few little things popped up here and there, but nothing too crazy, thank goodness

    Welcome, welcome!! I'm glad you're here!!
    It was hard NOT to feel relaxed at the Poly, we actually had a hard time dragging ourselves to the parks this trip. I think we all needed a recharge after such a hectic year.

    Having the arrival night scheduled at the Hyatt definitely cushioned the blow. If we'd have been on our way to Disney property that first night I know I'd have been getting put on some kind of do not fly list b/c I'd have probably found someone to yell at...especially at the Atlanta airport, the majority of the Delta reps we encountered were not helpful at all. Like, I'm sorry it's time for you to get off work, but you've got a couple hundred stressed out and ticked off guests here that you need to help tonight. If that were my job, I'd expect to stay late when things like this happen! I understand they're not personally responsible, but when everyone is telling you to go talk to the help desk, and the help desk people close the line right in front of you, well, let's just say I'm a little surprised no one started a riot!!

    The bag situation was my biggest fear. After I almost cried when the lady told me there was no way we were getting our bags that night in Atlanta, I had to walk away and DH dealt with it. When I talked to her she was like, "sorry, no bags for you, next customer please", but DH stayed and eventually was told our bags would end up on our flight to Orlando the next morning. Why she couldn't have just told ME that is a mystery. I'd have been fine, but no, she made it sound like they were trapped there indefinitely.

    My whole mood changed instantly as soon as we landed at MCO!!

    Thank you for being my sounding board that day, I was freaking out and trying to stay level headed and calm. I wanted to rage and yell and throw things, but instead I just sat there, playing it cool. I should win an Oscar for the acting job I did in front of the kids that day :rotfl::rotfl:

    It was awful. Looking back now, I'm so glad it happened at the beginning of the trip, so things could only get better from there. Last year, our travel issues happened on the way home and the kids weren't with us (we were trying to get home to pick them up and get them to school the next day), and it sort of killed any magic from our trip. At least this time we ended on a high note!!
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  15. missangelalexis

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    Apr 27, 2012
    Joining in!

    Woof, it doesn't get rougher than that! I'm sorry you had so many travel issues. Seeing that WDW sign must have been like hearing angels sing!!
  16. DisDreaming4116

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    Apr 23, 2017
    Always great to see a new xlsm trip report!
  17. disneyAndi14

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    Jan 1, 2014
    Yay, a new TR! Sorry about the stressful travel day, that is always a nightmare!

    I can’t believe how unhelpful the airport staff were, yikes!

    Wow, crazy uber driver, glad you all made it!
  18. amberdc1987

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    Feb 27, 2014
    I'm here! I'm sorry that y'all had such stressful travel day! I would have been emotionally drained after that. At least y'all got a little sleep before having to be back at the airport. And at least they gave you that. That was nice of them. It does seem to be looking up for y'all. Praying that is the case.
  19. Tracy161

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    Apr 4, 2006
    :sad2: I was following along, and I couldn't believe it!


    I sure hope so! You sure earned all the good luck after that start. ::yes:: Looking forward to hearing about happier times to come :thumbsup2
  20. MinnieWebster

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    Jun 3, 2017
    Following along!
    Wow! What a crazy arrival. Glad you finally made it!
  21. zeferjen

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    Jan 18, 2010
    I'm planning a wdw trip in July and have been binge-reading trip reports. I somehow started on your first TR and have basically read them all now! So I'm here for the newest one! Sorry that your travel day was so incredibly stressful. It's amazing that there are still jobs where you can get away with slamming doors in customer faces .

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