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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by DISFANS3, Jul 10, 2007.


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    Just back Spfd Mo - Orlando Sanford. First time for us on Allegiant, no problems. was on time, we did not pre pay for seats just got to counter early to check in no problem.. We did have one problem at Sanford they only let you check in two hours before flight, we waited in line only to be told you have ten min before your check in time and to go to end of line. Was a plus to fly from home airport, would fly again if price was right. SANFORD AIRPORT - To WDW, We rented a car from alamo for one day and drop off at Dolphin worked out fine, on way back 9 days latter picked up car at Dolphin and returned to Sanford no problem,drove 417 Highway right to WDW took about 45 mins, 417 is a toll road cost us about 5-6 $$$ save some quarters.....
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    I'd be most interested in hearing how Allegiant handles cases where they encounter the inevitable mechanical problems with an aircraft at a remote airport (i.e., Springfield). That's my main concern about Allegiant -- every airline does a good job when things going well for them, but how do they do when they have unforeseen interrputions?
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    Hey! Springfield MO here too! We are booked w/ Allegiant for Sept 8-15---glad to hear you didn't have any problems with the flight. I did not pay for assigned seats either--didn't figure it would be a problem if we check in at the airport early enough. Anyway, someone would pay ME to move from my DS4 if they got stuck by him. :rolleyes1
    We also rented from Alamo against all the people here that have had bad experiences...we have rented from them numerous times, not in SFB, but in TPA and Las Vegas and never had any problems. Got a really good deal via the "costco" discount.
    Glad you had a good experience. I hope our first trip to Disney is a good one.

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