All I did.....


Has a heart bigger then all of
Aug 18, 1999
was pick up a piece of unwanted, not being used clipart that was just laying around. I just thought that since "my friend" was no longer using it and I of little or nothing, was Valentine Day clipartless, I would just borrow her discarded remenants. What happens you ask???:confused: :confused:

Look at me new clipart!! Changed without my permission!!! I am totally shocked that anyone would do such a thing :eek: :eek: and me sickly and out of the hospital...

Guilty as charged. I thought the thread I saw said we were allowed to use it. I will remove if you like.:)
Please, Please not the wet noodles!!!! NO!! NO!!!:eek:;) LOL!!!:jester:

Thank you, that is the way I took it, but I wanted to make sure. BTW you do good work. I couldn't think of a different way for me away. Thanks again.:bounce: :bounce:
:D ROFLOL As usual, you guys are too funny! :D

DaveH, that's just Patrick's way of saying "Welcome to the group"! :D :D :D
Oh Glo, sweetie!
I'm so sorry that this happened to you.:(
You must feel naked being "clipartless":eek:
And so soon after your recent hospital visit!:(
If I can help out in anyway, just let me know.
There she goes again...that IS NOT MY NEW CLIPART!!!!!

Who do I report this woman too?????
Picking on a sickly abusive is that????
Me thinks she is enjoying this abuse way to much....rotflmao!!!!!!

well atleast that one isn't of a fat lady or something bad....geez I am getting afriad to post on this board...rotflmao.....

I think someone is enjoying this way to much..... :p :p :p

What can she come up with next??????
ROFLMAO!!!....(actually I wish that would work on my a**, it would be sooo tiny then!)

I'm just an onlooker, but I know I'm sure enjoying this!!
Smee are you saying you like to see me get tortured????:D :D
Poor Glo! :( This just isn't fair. There you are, defenseless and someone's picking on you. :( I'll protect you, if I can. ;) :D
LOL...Barb....the wrath of Ms Mackey may befall you too. Can you imagine if she really hated me???Boy would I be in trouble. Anyway, I like the new clipart, maybe her majesty will let me keep never know what the new day brings.
Of course you can keep it.. Bless your Heart.. until you irritate me again and then wham-o, look never know what I have hidden away for my best Witch laugh.. the witch from Snow White, she scares me the most.. Anybody want an apple????
:D :D :D :p

but really that laugh scares the you know what out of me.....

glo shivers and quakes in the corner thinking of what could befall her.......

Barb please protect me.....

hug mackey

Hey get away from my posts!!!! I am not a clipart thief...I am cute sweet and innocent, and you can not prove otherwise!!!!!!!

Hey Ms Mackey...self portrait?????


dang, will you upload this to your server Marsha?? So, I can rank you down??? Come on please???? :(

Now stop changing my posts or I am going to have to report you.......hehehehehehehe ;)

gee picking on the sickly and bedridden.......
Sorry.. no can do.. go pay for your own server to host your pics like I do.. ;) and why would I add something to my server to rank me out... and who gave you the Bless your Heart Clipart.. I might ask.. and whose server is it hosted on... I rest my case.


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