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    I have booked a deluxe savannah room in August. Does anyone have an experience to report about their deluxe room?
    Also, I wanted to request a savannah. Would it be less noisy to stay away from the lobby (concerned about foot traffic noise). Since I don't have very young children being close to the lobby isn't a top concern. Which savannah is most active with animals?
    Does anyone know what the Cultural Safari or Junior Researcher activities are?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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    I think all of the savannahs are pretty equal as far as animal activity. They rotate the savannahs as far as cleaning them and bringing the animals in for checkups, feeding, etc. I chose the Zebra Trail because I wanted to insure that my DS (4) would see both Zebras and Girraffes (the only 2 animals that would be readily recognized by him). Zebras are not on all the savannahs because they are aggresive and don't mix well with some of the other animals. But I don't think any of the savannahs would be better or worse as far as seeing activity. If you are concerned about foot noise, I would reccommend requesting one of the off shoot hallways instead of the main one. The rooms along the main corridor can sometimes get noisy with people passing by. But these offshoot hallways are not on the Arusha savannah, they are on the backside of the resort. (That didn't bother us at all!)
    I wish I had a trip coming up! Lucky you!:)

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