Airports in West Virginia?

Jenn Lynn

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Nov 13, 1999
I am trying to coordinate flights with three families. :eek: My sister is flying from WV and told me the closest airport to her is Charleston. I have found no direct flights to MCO and she has a baby who will be 18 months. All of the flights are connecting (some even come all the way to Detroit where I live!) But that would mean 6 hours or more on a plane!

Does anyone know if there is an airport that is closer that has direct flights to MCO?

If by direct, you mean non-stop, there are none that I know of, because of the small size the Charleston airport.

Direct technically means having a stop, but not changing planes...again, don't know of any...your shortest flight times would be with US Airways connecting in Charlotte or Delta connecting in Atlanta.
Can she drive to Cincinnati or Pittsburgh? (trying to think what is close to WV!) Both of those airports have non-stop flights. Another option is her flying to DTW the night before, and flying to MCO with you. Northwest also flies thru Nashville (not sure if you can get a flight there from WV) which could also be an option. I'd probably try to get US Airways thru Charlotte, as it is a very easy airport to navigate. :)

Good luck.
Try Columbus Ohio (cmh) on Delta Express.
cmh is small,clean, nice and easy to navigate also.
Delta Express is non stop to Orlando also. We had numerous delta express non-stops before 9/11.


I live in Charleston, WV and will be flying from Charleston to Orlando at the end of February. You are correct that there are no direct flights from here to Orlando. The best flight for her to take is to Charlotte and then to Orlando. We did this a couple of years ago and will be doing it again this time. The flights are very short. The flight to Charlotte is only an hour and then we chose a 1 hour layover and then the flight to Orlando is only 1 1/2 hours. I'm not sure exactly where she's at in WV but these 2 flights would be much better than a drive to Columbus, Pittsburgh or anywhere else that you may be able to get a direct flight. When I was checking for flights myself, I found that even flying out of Columbus, almost all the airlines had connecting flights instead of direct flights. I think she'll find the flight from Charleston to Orlando very easy if she goes through Charlotte (USAir).


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