airfares on s.w. via internet

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Earning My Ears
Aug 13, 2002
I just purchased 5 roundtrip airfares on s.w. from chicago to mco for $825 including all fees and taxes. Last night the fare total was $85 more. I think this was a pretty good deal. Let me know what ya think!

thanks, jo:p
great deal wish i could run across some like that what site.:)
I always use the airlines official sites-like southwest or I have never had any luck with the other bidding sites. I hope you find some good deals too!:)
I love Southwest. I got 4 roundtrips, nonstop from Providence for $448 which includes all taxes and fees! That's the best price I've gotten yet.

We love S.W too!!! Got RT for $151 per out of Albany, NY. We especially like S.W. now that they are doing the seats routine different. One less line to wait in :) My sister just left with S.W. and had no problem getting an "A" ticket. They just waited until 90 minutes before flight then got in line. Beth
We are going in Dec. and the rate from Indianapolis is $54 each way. Been watching for months for a cheap rate. Gonna go get it.


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