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Earning My Ears
Mar 20, 2001
We have booked to WDW via Air Transat out of Toronto. We would have preferred Air Canada but, as usual, the cheaper way is to go with the package and the package airline is Air Transat.

We had delay / mechanical problems with them years ago and I was wondering if any their recent passengers have any opinions or advice.

Don't get me started!!!! We will never fly Air Transat even if they are the cheapest. We flew last August - except for the fact that they changed our flights (we left TO one day later and Orlando one day earlier) - without compensation (leaving me to change resort reservations/park tickets, car rentals, etc).

The plane was booked solid, the food was terrible (and we are not picky eaters), and there was absolutely no leg room. We checked in fairly early, but still our family of 5 sat in 3 different sections (6 and 9 year old), me and 4 year old and husband all over the place (with no offer to help us get closer - even to the 6/9 year old). I spent the flight getting up (with my 4 year old - who I wasn't going to leave along) - helping and checking on the others. My husband was sandwiched in the corner and couldn't get out.
I hope this doesn't put a damper on your trip - but just warning you - and telling you what I was told - this is a "charter airline"!!
Hi CanadaKid! We have had the opposite experience with Air Transat. We used them for the first time last November (usually fly with Canada 3000) but we got a better rate and a better departure time.... so we thought what the heck.I loved the fact that we went through U.S.customs in Toronto rather than Orlando as it saved a ton of time for us. The plane we got going down was changed to a huge aircraft with a lot of seats left over too. Great service and the food was nice too. Complimentary wine (which was a nice touch) and the flight was the smoothest I've ever had with a charter flight. Coming back was a little nerve wracking as the flight coming to get us from Toronto was delayed due to that terrible snowstorm that you all had here Dec 11th. We were very lucky to even get a flight home as 1/2 of all flights out of Pearson were cancelled. We were about 1 1/2 hours late leaving Orlando and they gave everyone a headphone kit at no extra charge and apologized for the inconvenience! I was very impressed with the staff and crew of Air Transat and especially the pilot as he had a snow covered runway in which (we couldn't even see any lines!) to land. So yes I would most definately take Air Transat over Canada 3000 for our next flight!Hope this helps......everyone has different experiences. ;)

We also had problems with Air Transat on our way home from Las Vegas this past January. They took us off our plane in Toronto, to use it to take people from the morning that couldn't go to Cuba because of mechanical problems. So they decided to bump us off our flight and make us wait for another flight home also. They also, lied to us and told us there was a problem with the plane we were on. It was only because my DH had left his sunglasses in the plane, and we went to the counter to ask them to check the plane, and we found out that they were already loading the plane with passengers. I feel bad for the Cuba flight however, they had already lost a day, why did they have to lie to us and take us off and inconvenience us too! We were supposed to be home in MTL by 7:05pm and got home at 12:25am. It was our 1st vacation away from the children, couldn't wait to see them and had everything planned out, only to be set back by the incompetence of Air Transat!





We had a great experience with Air Transat(other than the long check in,new person).The flight left on time for Orlando and arrived a little early.Smooth flight coming home(on that snow stormy Dec.11 that sammi was talking about)The plane wasnt full so the kids had some extra room to move around.The pilot did an excellent job landing in that snow(my son and I were watching the wing get covered in snow as we were decending around London).The staff was great,they got my kids meals on the plane and were very helpful.i would definately fly Air Transat again
Thank you for such prompt replies!

Some like - some hate. At the very least I can assume that the service is inconsistant!

Unfortunately we leave Toronto around 2:00pm and I bet our aircraft will be on its second lap to Florida that day. I think the first flight leaves Toronto at 6:30am and returns about 1:00. Like an afternoon doctor's appointment, we are subject to the sum total of all that day's delays.

One year we were bumped by Air Canada to a Tampa flight. They gave us partial credit but we were still totally upset at them. 'Turned out Tampa was actually OK. Their airport is by far the nicest and most efficient we have ever seen (WAY better than Orlando) and we were out of there in less than half an hour with checked bags and the rental car. The drive from TPA to WDW on I-4 was an easy 90 minute hop. It was about two hours from aircraft to hotel and it can easily be that in Orlando especially if you get an "offsite" car rental place like Alamo.

I think Air Canada runs SCHEDULED service into Tampa two flights every day - more reliable than the charters.

Bottom line is - If they tell you that Tampa is the "only available" it's not that bad!
I've had mixed experiences with Air Transat.

Took Air Transat to Orlando in November last year. Had no problems with them at all here. The flight to Orlando was smooth and even a bit early. Plane was not crowded at all and we had our choice of seats. Perhaps the time you go can have an effect on this. Anyway, I don't care for any airline food anyway, so it was no biggy. I just ate toast and had coffee for my breakfast.

Coming home was great as well. No problems here either.

However, I've flown Air Transat before to Orlando and Vegas and in those case, the flights were late. In one case, we waited for an hour on the plane while some mechanical problem was being fixed?? Anyway, that's my experience(s). :D

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I have a question for those that have flow AT - Do you *really* have to get there three hours before the flight? We are scheduled on a Sunday 6:45 am flight out of Toronto to Orlando - I can't imagine getting there at 3:45 am!! Actually, I'm struggling with the necessity of getting there even at 5:30...

We have reserved seats on the flight, which (I am told) get released 1 hour before departure so I guess we need to get there by 5:30 at least. But seriously, how long does it really take to get through the AT check-in line and then US Customs?

TIA, Jeff
Hi jjohns: We have flown out on early flights before too.....although they were with Canada 3000. If I can remember correctly the check in counter doesn't even open until 5:00 am and we were there for 5 on the dot. We always get to the airport early as we are always excited about our trip and we don't get too much sleep anyway the night before. If you have any doubts call Air Transat or your TA and they will know what time they open the check in counter. Hope this helps. :)

Air Transat check in opens three hours before flight time.We had to wait in line for customs to open at 5:00am and even then waited about 10 minutes to get through plus it was another 10 minute walk to the gate.So I suggest you get there early even if you have pre done your seats.
Hi, we flew Air Transat 6 days ago Toronto to Orlando and back. Three years ago we did the same trip with Canada 3000. Let me tell you I AM SOOOOO PICKY AND FUSSY ABOUT SERVICE ~ I AM THE CUSTOMER FROM HELL! BUT ~ both airlines were fine.

jjohns: our flight was 8:00 am Friday. We live in Mississauga and are about 20 minutes drive from Pearson. AT Check in opens 3 hours prior, but I read 2 hours prior is okay. I pre-booked our seats ~ to hold the pre-booked seats we had to be at check in at least one hour prior to the flight. I was paranoid, so I called the limo to arrive at our house at 5am. He was 10 minutes late and we got to the airport at about 5:30 am. Check in was VERY smooth. The check in lady was finishing up a small family, then one guy ahead of us. It took about 5 minutes for our turn. It was fast and easy and the lady joked around with us. We checked our bags and walked to the gate. That's the longest part. We were very early but it was okay. dd read while ds walked around and then had breakfast. The plane started boarding about 7:20 am. The pilot announced that there would be a 5 minute delay because the computer wasn't starting engine #1. At EXACTLY the five minute mark we were OFF! It was smooth sailing, we arrived early. The flight was a bit bumping and the food was quiet bad. BUT ITS A CHAPTER! PILED THEM IN AND SHIP THEM OUT! LOL! The flight back was just as fine. Left on time, arrived early, food a bit better.

I can tell you, I didn't expect much but it was okay. I was very impressed with the flight crew. There were MANY flight attendance and they were so kind and helpful! Very nice.

I remember three years ago Canada 3000 was just as fine.

I would fly both again, and remember I AM FUSSY FUSSY FUSSY!
I flew with Air Transat to Vancouver and back. I'll have to agree with what others said, on the way home..forget the extra leg room! Strangely enough, on our flight to Vancouver, the leg room wasn't as bad. I can't say the food was terrible, I have had worse! You've just brought my Bistro Bag memories back! *shivers*
Jo :earsgirl:

We just got back yesterday, we flew with Air Transat.

Our depating flight was on a Sat. morning at 6:35. and it left on time. We were there 3 hours early (3:30am.)
But they didn't open the ticket booths until 4am. Then, with Air Transat you go through customs in Toronto we had to wait til 5am. for them to open.
I would recommend that you get ther early enough because by the time US customs opened I couldn't believe the line ups. They were right out the door.
It really didn't take us long because we were basicly at the front of both lines but I felt sorry for the people at the back of the line.
As for our flight home, It was originally booked for a Sat. morning at 10:35 am. then was changed to 8:05pm. then 9:45pm. So needless to say we had to rent our car for an extra day, rent a room in Toronto for a night, and reschedule our airport shuttle to home.(Big $$$$)

As for the flights we really didn't have any problems, I really didn't think the food was all that great but not horrible either.
The cabin crew seemed very curtious and helpful

I hope this helped


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