Air Tran changed my flight!!

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by disnut1149, Mar 28, 2008.

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    Jan 8, 2006
    We're flying Air Tran in August. I just happened to check my flights to see if the prices were the same, and my flight from Orlando back to Philly was missing. I called about it, and they said it changed to an earlier time. It's only leaving an hour earlier, but I prepaid for my seats and picked a row that I wanted, and now it was taken. I had to pick another row farther back. I was annoyed because I booked this in February and paid for my seats ahead of time so I could have the row I wanted. I feel this was really unfair, and I told them. Also, when were they going to tell me about the change? In August? Then I probably would've been stuck in the last row. So anyone flying Air Tran, I would check your flights to make sure they haven't changed them. Also, since the price was cheaper, they gave me credit towards another flight. The flights are now $79.00. I had paid $89 one way and $84 back.
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    I would be on the phone DEMANDING a refund of my prepaid seats. I am sorry but if they are going to charge for the seats then they need to play by the RULES they laid out.

    Normally I don't care about seating but if you charge me then you better give me what I selected when I paid!

    People on here seem to like AirTran but I find them horrid LOL! If you want to charge me for a seat then you better give it to me! No moves!!!!
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    If your biggest concern is where you're seated, call AirTran and ask for an alternate flight that has those seats available. They're very accomodating when they've changed the schedule. But if you'd rather stay on the flight you're currently booked on I would suggest you call them back and try asking if they would refund your seat charge before demanding it. Ask to speak to a supervisor if you can't get anywhere with the CSR. I'd be really surprised if they denied you.
  4. helenk

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    Jan 4, 2000
    This is my biggest complaint about Airtran, they change their flights frequently and it always seemed as though the flight times they can to are the pits.

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