Advice for transportation from LAX to DL Resort area and studio tour


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Jan 7, 2013
I'm a WDW pro, but a total DL newbie! My older child and I are flying into LAX, and staying at a fairly walkable DL area hotel (not sure we could do it with luggage). We are staying in the Convention Center area. We are planning to take one day and do a studio tour, or something like that. What are our options for getting from LAX to our hotel? Because we are only two people, hiring a private car service seems pretty expensive. We are not adverse to Lyft/Uber. And then we need to go pretty far to get to a studio tour. And finally, on our departure morning, our flight leaves at 6:15 am. Should we stay somewhere near the airport that last night?

I have looked at the Disneyland Resort Express, and I know that the buses only leave once an hour, and my not leave promptly, but I have a question about hotel drop-off. Do they stop at all the local hotels, and does that take hours? Or does the bus drop you at Disneyland, and you have to get you and your luggage to your hotel? And would they even be able to get me to LAX by 5 am? I would love to hear all the details about this service.
Uber/Lyft is going to be your best bet. I wouldn't do Disney Express because of the problems you mentioned --they drop off at the resort hotels first, then circle around to different dropoff points at/near local hotels depending on who's on board and needs what. It can take a long time. Shared ride with Super Shuttle, Karmel, etc. is similar and can take hours-- or not, if you're lucky. Uber/Lyft is just you, direct to your hotel. That said, I've got a family of 4 this next time, and I've booked Execucar through Super shuttle-- still a private ride, but a bit bigger car, instead of the usual Prius, and waiting in the cell phone lot for us, texting us the day before to confirm, etc. It's quite a bit less than a private service like Lansky's, (which is popular on these boards and I considered them), but not too much more than an UberXL.
By the bye, did you take a look at the sticky threads up top? There's some great ones there about DLR for WDW vets. Good luck! :)
Uber/Lyft is the way to go IMO.

Also, price out a rental is all based on supply and demand, but I have gotten rental cars for the same price as round trip Uber outta LAX. Add if your studio tour and you need to compare pricing vs convince.
I use a shared ride van between LAX and Disneyland.

Which studio tour do you want to do. All the studio tours are in LA which is about an hours travel if you are driving from Disneyland.

I have done
  1. Universal Studio Tour - you need a Universal park ticket
  2. Warners Bros Studio Tour
  3. Paramount Studio Tour
This year I am planning on doing Sony Pictures Studio Tour.

If you do not have a car, you are looking at approx 2 hours travel by public transport, each way to get to any of the studio tours.

If you really do want to do a studio tour while staying in Anaheim, I can give you specific directions of how to get there by bus, train and Metro underground.

As far as a studio tour, if you want a real studio tour and not a theme park attraction-type studio tour, I highly recommend Warner Brothers. You tour the lot in a small group, walk on actual sets, and visit soundstages from great TV shows and films. Your guide will customize the tour based on what your group likes.
Some studio tours have an age requirement, e.g. WB, so check the websites to make sure your child is old enough.

In relation to Studio Tours, I also recommend the Warner Bros tour. We did it 2 years ago and used Anaheim Tour Company to get there. It was great.
I would stay at a hotel closer to the airport on your last night since you have to be there so early, you should be able to find one that has a free airport shuttle. You can sleep a little bit longer and not have to worry about the transport being late so early in the morning.


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