?Add'l Discout w/DC AND Premium Pass?


Earning My Ears
Feb 26, 2001
I joined Disney Club yesterday and received about a 10% discount on my Oct. booking at AKL today.I was wondering if I would be entitled to an add'l discout at hotel if I were to purchase a Premium Annual Pass or can such offers not be combined?
I don't believe you can combine discounts it really depends on which discounts are available. I think there are differing discounts & amounts for the AP vs DC. I think the break even point for the AP is if you will be at Disney for 9 days or more in a year it is a great value. This year will be the first time I get to be there long enough to justify. I am going in early August with my sister and her 4 kids, in October for a conference and in December for 9 days - our first Christmas trip. I think I will get my money's worth from an AP this year.



We are planning a 9 night, 10 day trip in May. Because of our flight times, we usually get the UMP/LOS pass. For 10 days it was ~$400 per adult. The Premium Annual Pass will be ~$475. (The regular AP is ~$355 - but doesn't include water parks or Downtown Disney.) Since I got a much better rate at the AKL/DAK with the AP & plan a number of trips to DD & a water park, we are buying on Premium AP. The rest of the party will be getting the UMP/LOS. Our original ressie was with the DC for the WL & we saved $700+ by using the AP rate at the AKL - the standard view for both. Granted, it was a special deal, but it more than paid the difference.


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