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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by zulaya, Mar 18, 2002.

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    Being a new (yeah) owner at BCV, I was wondering how something would work if I added on at another resort. Let's suppose I added on 100 points at OKW. Which, while a nice round number, really wouldn't give me enough points for my usuall vacation length. Could I still book OKW at 11 months out, even though I wouldn't have enough OKW points, and just borrow BCV points to make it all happen? OR, because I don't have enough OKW points to make that ressie at 11 months out, would I have to wait until 7 months out to use the BCV points in conjunction with the OKW points?
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    It's the latter. The 11 month booking advantage applies only to the points you own at the resort. So if you want to use your BCV points to book at OKW, you would have to wait until the 7 month window opens.

    Some members get around this problem by banking and borrowing points and then alternating their stays between the two resorts.

    For example, you might choose to stay at OKW this year by using this year's points and borrowing next year's. You would have the 11 month booking advantage because all of the points are from OKW. You'd bank the current year's BCV points into the next year. Next year you would not have any current year's points to use at OKW, but you would have 2 year's worth of points to use at BCV (with the 11 month booking advantage).


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