Adding name to deeds - the legal stuff!


Earning My Ears
Sep 28, 2019
I kicked off the process of adding my wife to my deeds about 4 weeks ago. Member Services referred me to First American Title to do the transfer. No problem. Everything done by email and today I received the transfer documentation. The problem is that they want me to have the document notarised and have given me 3 options. Notarised by a NP at the US Embassy or Consulate. Notarised by my local NP and then authenticated by a Consular Officer at the Embassy or Consulate or notarised by a NP in the USA.
When I first bought DVC the main document was notarised by my solicitor (who is a Notary Public) and sent back to Member Services. Has something changed? Has anyone else had the same experience? My nearest US Consulate is in Edinburgh so it could be a trip there!


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