? about those pix they take in the parks


Earning My Ears
Oct 6, 2001
Regarding those pictures that they take of you when you're in the parks (the ones you have to pay for and pick up when you're leaving) - has anyone had any trouble copying those at the Kodak Print Center kiosk? I tried to copy ours at Walgreen's tonight, and they refused to let me saying it was a copyrighted picture by a professional photographer. But, nowhere on the back of the picture does it say that it is copyrighted - and those weren't professionals, they were just Disney employees!!
Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Didn't even think about them being copywrited?! I made copies of a picture I had taken of my family at AK and gave them to my parents for Christmas. I copied them at one of the self serve photo kiosks. Would have bought copies while at WDW but didn't decide to give them as a gift until 4 months after our vacation.
We ran into this at Wal-Mart with pictures that we had taken at DD with Mickey a few years ago. But those were taken in a studio type setting so, that I could understand. Are you talking about the ones they take as you walt into the park(s)?
Ask a friend or relative with a decent scanner and color printer (with photo quality) to scan and print them (on photo paper - I use Epson or Kodak) for you. That's what we do. I even do that when I have my DD's pictures take at Sears. Most people can't tell the difference. It saves a bundle of money. One hint though. The bigger the picture the better the quality. It's better to scan an 8 x 10, because that's the largest you can print. If you scan a smaller picture (5 x7 or smaller) and print a larger size, it will "bleed." The pictures usually come grainy and fairly light.

You can also try some other places. Those picture maker machines are showing up everywhere!
GO BACK and talk to the manager and show them that there is no copyright on them i just got mine done at walmart and had absolutely no problem but then again theres is set up outside of the photolab and i use it all the time so they dont come out and help me but they do cut it for me and i do have to pay for it back there we did the ones in front of the castle and the ones at chef mickeys and they turned out great!!
WE had ours copied without any problems. I say take your business elsewhere:mad:


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