A question for the group I'm courious how did you get started on pins???

Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by Raulandpinboy, Sep 9, 2001.

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    Jul 15, 2001
    So here it was 5:00am and I could not get to sleep, I was thinking about pins, and I asked myself how did I get started, and how did all this happen?

    So I got curious, and want to find out how you all got started… so help me out and jot a few notes down and reply to this thread. I'm really curious what makes a person want to give everything up, sell everything they own, all for the sake of little pieces of art.

    My story as told by pinboy.

    It was the darkest time in our history, Disney lay in ruins, with no water, and no electricity the future looked bleak… Attack fighters from the warring planet Macintosh, would occasionally fly by and take pot shots at what was once a proud Castle in the center of a now almost deserted park. The few of us left, would hide in the lower sections… The enemy not able to detect us due to our pin vests covered with LE's…… Wait no stop wrong story.

    If you want anything done right you have to do it yourself.

    My son-in-law Malcolm was trading pins long before I even knew what a pin was, I remember making fun of him because of all the work and effort he put into it.

    Eventually the girls got into it and they wanted me to join in the fun, the wife fell victim soon after the girls did because she is super grandmother. I broke down and bought a lanyard, and a few pins traded here and there nothing serious mostly for the girls anyway.

    Then one night we lost Malcolm, and come to find out he's at the Contemporary trading pins, the family was furious, and was on their way there to kill him.

    Then we get there and I meet a lady called Pintrader goes by the real name of Kathryn, sweet lady has one of those lanyards around her neck, and a pinbag on her lap. I figure another one of those nut cases, but then something happen this lady who knows me from Adam, tells me to sit next to her so she can see my pins, now I know I'm wearing nothing but rack junk, but she is as nice as can be, and shows me her pins telling me a little story about each one.

    The stories were not mostly about the pins, but about the people she met and the places she's been to get the pins. So I got a little interested.

    I went to meets and was shy and quiet (yes me shy and quite) and I watched pintrader work. A few day ago she made a comment about me buying and giving away a pin, I cant count the number of times I have watched her do that, or give a child a really good pin out of her book for a flex pin.

    I know I goof on her from time to time about the pilot, shoes, and cell phone, but nothing could further from the truth, she's one of the most nicest people I know… she may forget her pins but she will not forget the people. My post about her knowing everybody is true she does and they love her as well. You meet the woman and you instantly fall in love with her.

    Little unknown trivia about Pintrader did you know she's travels from the Daytona area every Friday for the pin meet that's about 200 miles total she puts on her car at her expense.

    So I came to the conclusion that its not about the pins its about the people its nice to have a pin that nobody else has yes, and its fun to show off your neat collection true, but I get a kick from trading with new kid pintrader just starting, or new people just starting out. I love to sit down and tell the story of my pins where they came from how I got them etc.

    The best part is I used to walk through Disney and not speak to soul, they were strangers now I speak to everybody, mostly kids come up to us to see our lanyards, people will stop us to ask question or they think we're cast-members. We have met and made friends with over 100 people, we have people we email and are friends with from California, to Australia (don't get me started about Australia)

    So to me its not about the pins I'm sure to some it is, those that go crazy on these things are labeled sharks, but what is your definition of a shark, my granddaughter was labeled a shark because she got a cool pin for a nothing pin, but the person really loved it and was happy with the trade, so shark I think not, and if you are a shark I'll trade with you, I like everybody I just know about my pins and know what to trade and not to trade. That's what I love about this hobby helping the newbie get to this point.

    With pins is seem we can cross the generation gap with no problem, an older person can talk to a younger person using the language of pins as a platform, also you can go to anybody wearing a lanyard and know you will get a friendly response.

    So here are my top ten reasons why I'm a pintrader.

    #10 the pins are cool and they are little pieces of art and fun to look at.

    #9 It's great to finally have a reason to look at a woman's chest and not get hit by a purse, now they welcome it (I'm kidding honey I'm looking at the pins)

    #8 A reason to go to Disney World every day.

    #7 Total strangers will come up to you and start a conversation. Its seems that wearing pins, is like wearing a sign that says I'm friendly talk to me.

    #6 Meeting new people while standing in line at events, and everybody is friendly never have I met a grouch or mean person. Even the sharks are friendly because you have cool pins.

    #5 I get to spend more time with the wife, since she is into this as well.

    #4 A common ground thing with my grandkids, I don't speak rap, or teen slang, but they speak pins so were good on one level.

    #3 anybody you see wearing a lanyard you are almost guaranteed a friendly response, and you will make a friend.

    #2 your senses will get sharper as you strain to see a lanyard from far away, and start to use that peripheral vision which makes you a better driver, and you get great exercise walking all over the parks surfing lanyards.

    The number 1 reason. You get to talk to cast-members, kids, tourist, anybody and everybody, and you all have a common conversational platform the language of pins. And you will make at least 2 new friends a day. Also I get to spend time with Pintrader (YESSSSSS)

    So if you're into pins tell me your story how did you get started? Who was your mentor? What was your coolest trade, and your coolest pin.

    My coolest pin is my Main gate 3030 pin, only nine pins made, given to original pintrading team, and since I'm a Star Trek nut I named mine seven of nine. (Voyager fans will know what I mean)

    My most memorable moment meeting most of you at the Pin event at Epcot, your all so darn nice.:)
  2. NHMickey

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    Dec 24, 1999
    It's my Wifes fault... That is my story and I'm sticking to it... I will have to get back to you... I'm at work...
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  4. pintrader

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    May 18, 2000
    brought tears to my eyes. How touching and special. I hope many keep this particular thread going. This should be a "KEEPER". My story is long, but I know I have gotten dozens of people either started or to change their minds about quitting. I just really don;t remember who most of them are any more. So I will pull my "story" together and post here in the next couple of days.

    P.S. Your wife, Donna, has told me the same thing. Thanks to pins Ed and I are closer than we have been in a while. We have a common interest and we go to the parks together ALL the time now.
  5. BeautyLLM

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    Feb 16, 2000
    Well, I started collecting pins several years ago. I bought a hat and thought it would be cute to add a few pins. I started buying a pin whenever I went to a new place and by the time official pin trading started, I had 30 or 40..alot of them being non-Disney pins. I was also at a low point in my life...we had recently moved to Connecticut from The Chicago area and we were absolutely miserable! After spending the Millenium NYE at the World (which I had officially declared the first day of the rest of my life) I went online to see if there was anything about pins on the internet and somehow I found the DIS!! The rest is history.

    I agree with you 100%...and my DH said this to me after sitting back and watching me at a meet at WDW once...he said "it isn't about the pins, is it? It's all about the people! You do this to come hang out with friends!" Bingo!!! Give that guy a cigar...he likes those Cuban ones!! He is always amazed that a person from Connecticut can go anywhere at WDW amd bump into a friend! My kids always ask.."how do you know that person?" All kidding aside, and without getting too mushy, pin trading pulled me out of the doldrums and got my life back on track. So, no matter what happens with the pins, I will be forever grateful to the DIS and all my friends from all over the country!!

    I've said it before...You guys are the best!!!

    and that's how I got into pintrading....

  6. jaross

    jaross Mouseketeer

    Apr 28, 2001
    Last September (almost one year ago, does that mean it is my pin anniversary!?) We went on a family cruise with my father/stepmother, two sisters, our DH's and kids, one week on the Disney Magic. We had a really great time.

    I kept looking at the pins in the gift shop. People kept saying that the DCL pins were only available on board the ship and were in demand. I got curious and bought two or three pins. Then we won the Mickey 200 (We had to build a car out of vegetables and then win the race ~ the secret was suntan lotion on the wheels/axles!) The prize was a pin for each of us. Then a CM invited me to a pin meet where she would trade me for a helmsman mickey. Then I traded a Mickey 200 pin for my first LE from a real trader with lots of pins.......................
    I was hooked!

    I then forced my two sons (6 & 10) and my nephew (10) to start collecting with me (So, I would not be alone in my obsession). The rest of my family, including my DH thinks I'm nuts. But, I'm having a really great time. I've made tons of great friends here and on dizpins. I'm hoping to meet some of you face to face when I get to WDW in November.

    Thanks for the chance to tell my story.......

    Chris :jester:
  7. poohandtiggertoo

    poohandtiggertoo Earning My Ears

    May 5, 2001
    Hubby and I are big on WDW. We honeymooned there at a Teddy Bear
    Convention! So then we arrived in January 2000 and saw people with lanyards and pins
    everywhere and we did not have a clue what was going on. We have always talked
    to strangers in the park to find out where they are from and if they are enjoying their
    stay, and so on.
    Some wonderful Cats members finally explained pins and trading to us. Then we
    met JudySue one rainy morning at Epco, shared a coffee and sat and talked. The
    rest is history.........we have the addiction and I do not hope for a cure. The pins
    are a byproduct of meeting new friends which is the true reward to this hobby.
  8. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2000
    Before June of '00 I was a complete Disney novice. DH signed up for the 2001 WDW Marathon. I had a nice chunky bonus coming, and well, seemed logical.
    I surfed, discovered the Dis. For a lark, visited the Collector's Board. Then thought, Gee it might be fun to trade with a very CM's. Then on to the auctions. :rolleyes: My first pin was Epcot Center Mickey (head shot) in a circle of flags.
    We both became addicted to Disney.
    More so after also planning our May '01 trip to DL/DCA. I spent oodles on pins from May to August. :rolleyes: My credit cards use to be for emergencies, and rarely used. Now they are for pins.:)
  9. BouncyTigger

    BouncyTigger Earning My Ears

    Jul 31, 2000
    I happen to buy a few Tigger pins here and there about 4 years ago, when I became an annual passholder at DL. I just wanted them because they were Tigger.
    Well when the pin trading craze started, I just bought a few more Tiggers, and then it happened...I started to buy more than just Tigger and now I have a whole pin bags full of Mickey, Tink, CM, LE, WDW and last but not least.....a whole bunch of Tigger pins of all kinds!:earseek:
  10. Figgy

    Figgy PinPics Internal Affairs

    Jul 20, 2000
    I completely blame a good friend named dustie... I was into the beanies and had made several online friends that way. Our first day of vacation was going to be their last so we decided to do a brief hello at Tony's. So Britt and I are sitting there with the kids watching Lady and the Tramp when in comes Crystal (the original starter of DizPins) and Dustie. They were wearing lanyards and I was very interested in it all. This was early Nov. 99 so pin trading had just started the previous month.

    I really like the pins that they had on their lanyards and for the next few days I gazed longily at people with lanyards. Well about day 3 I finally talked Britt into letting me get a pin. Then another then another. by the end of the day i needed somewhere else to put some pins....So another day goes by and I talked Britt into buying a hat that I could put some pins on. It is amazing that we managed to trade for anything back then because it was all stuff on lanyards and what we bought. I got a few CM pins from PinHook and away we went. By the end of the first week Britt was hooked and had the hat and a lanyard. To this day one of my fav. pins came from that first trip. Pin #60 Disney Special Activities.

    By the end of the two weeks our heads were swimming and Britt was saying how can you know what to trade if you don't know what is out there and what a pins origin is. There needs to be a site that has all that info on it. I just looked at him and said why don't you start one then honey. I am sure others would contribute. And away he went. I think the best part of Pin Trading for Britt is getting to program a site like PinPics to help all the other traders. We have been back several times. One of the neatest things that I think is that when you go back to Disney World or even Disneyland you meet people that you traded with on the previous trip and they know you and it is renewing old friendships. I mean I am sure that I have been at WDW many times with people from these boards but before the trading there wasn't that connection because the likely hood of running into each other was more remote.

    This is a great thread Raul.
  11. mickey4ver

    mickey4ver It All Started with a Mouse!

    Sep 2, 1999
    I've actually collected pins for years, so the rest of you are just catching up! I used to pick up a pin or two at WDW, as a souvenir or sorts, and always picked one up for the kids when they were little. I have several from the 20th anniversary at WDW. Now it is a favorite thing to do, check out all the pin carts at WDW. It is amazing how this little "sport" took off in the last few years.
  12. ismetoo

    ismetoo Stargazing Pin Groupie

    Jul 17, 2001
    Hmmmmm.......me? It's Malcolm's fault, too (the yardhaunter). At first I thought, "Well, whatever floats his boat." He'd been collecting Mickey anything for a while, so he had some Mickey pins. Then, at the end of 2000, we took the leap and got Annual Passes for the family. It wasn't long before he discovered lanyards. After that he was a lost cause. We'd all have to trudge to the park so he could surf. It took FOREVER to get from one ride to another because he would "mexican jumping bean" from one castmember to another along the way. Meanwhile, we'd stand around and try and act like we didn't mind the constant loss of ride

    May came around and Brooke, our youngest, surprised us by announcing that she wanted a lanyard and some pins for her birthday because she wanted to collect pins with her daddy. Touched beyond words, Malcolm set about building a lanyard for his baby girl who was just about to turn 9. Then there were two.

    On the last day of school, the Aladdin ride opened. Malcolm and I took Brooke to ride it on the day it opened - we were building a memory. A castmember in the Park had mentioned that a pin was being released on the day of the ride. We thought, "Neat" and asked how to get one. We skipped out of school and work that Wednesday and got to the park around 7:30. Maybe 20 people were in line for a voucher in front of us and we thought, "Hey, this is easy!" Silly, silly neophytes that we were! We got our vouchers and headed into the park. We were waiting for Adventureland to open and Malcolm almost stumbled over this little lady with white hair standing next to him. While I was noticing how much like my mother's her hair was, Malcolm was glomming onto the fact she worre a Linux shirt. The skies opened, the angels sang, and Malcolm fell head over heels for another woman - right in front of my very eyes. Yup! You guessed it! Malcolm met Kathyrn.

    Kathryn kindly talked with our Brooke who was so proud of her new rack pins and lanyard. Kathryn explained all about pin trading to her and then was kind enough to give Brooke one of her signature gold Pooh pins in return for a little rack pin. Brooke's first pin trade! She told us about Friday nights at the Contemporary and we started counting the days.

    Well, Crystal (oneohone) and Heather (mermie) got really tired of this constant waste of their time. Besides, they were seeing some really cool pins go by while they waited! Being consummate Disney collectors themselves, they followed the natural path to pin trading when they began to understand that not only was is fun, they could augment their collections with pins! Two more bite the dust - by now the house is a mess and we're living on peanut butter.

    Me? I was the last to go - the final holdout. Initially, I was more interested in helping the girls to get pins. I was doing the "Mommy" thing. Well, frankly, that got old. So I thought, "They're on their own!" I took the leap and went down in flames.

    All the while there was Kathyrn, guiding us, introducing us to some of the most wonderful folks we've ever met, tolerating our constants requests to referee trades, and putting up with our unusual brand of tomfoolery.

    Now our lives revolve around pins - well, when it's not Halloween, that is. The upside? Our 16 year old would rather hang out with her folks than roam with her buds on Fridays. We have a common interest. Our family is very fortunate in that we're a close knit group. Pin trading has succeeded in bringing us closer. And all of us enjoy the look in anyone's eyes (not just the kids) when you reach into your pocket or go frantically looking through your book to pull out a pin, hand it to them and say, "Here? Is that what you were looking for? Take it. No, really! It's OK, I have another. Enjoy it!"

    Me? I'm afraid of sharks and those individuals that only see this as a conquest or a business. I'll run screaming. But I believe that those of us who'd be happy to go home with the same pins we came with as long as we had a good time with our pin buds far outweigh them. And we get to spend time with Kathyrn and Gary - they've been a wonderful addition to our family.
  13. Mickey527

    Mickey527 DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2000
    I am an avid collector. I collect Santas. On Thanksgiving day I put out my collection of over 1000 Santas. My children "claim" to collect also, At Christmas I put out their collections. David has over 600 Reindeer, Sean has over 800 snowmen, and Christopher has over 300 elves. (they don't make many elves) Then New Years day I pack up all 4 collections.
    I have 46 Disney snowglobes in my living room. My "Disney Den" as the family calls it has my posters and lithographs, along with the start of the never to be finished Department 56 Disney buildings.
    In my bedroom is my Mickey bookcase. I guess there is around 200 Mickeys.
    My car is another shrine to my main mouse Mickey. I have stickers, stuffed Mickey's, liscence plate covers, and those cute dangles. When I travel to WDw I let my son use my car. He takes it all down because he said my car is embarrasing.
    So, in January of 2000 when I was looking at the new pins with my oldest son I kept saying over and over, "I am not starting another collection" He picked up about 20 of the Navy dangles and held them in front of my face and said "you know you want these" but my reply to him was............ "I am not collecting something else"
    Well I came home and went to my local TDS. There right in front of me were 40 of the Donald MM pins, marked down to $.99. With my MKC card I could get them for $.90. They would make good traders just for the pins I want, I said to myself ........"I am not collecting something else"
    Then I went into the basement and found 30 of the Team Disney "D" pins that my son was handed at the Boy Scout Jamboree. These would also make good traders just for the pins I want, again, that little voice in my head said.............."I'm not collecting something else"
    Moral of the story.....Don't talk to yourself, you never listen anyhow. Peggie

    But like everyone else has said, I am so glad I am now "collecting something else" I have met some of the greatest people who I consider my true friends because of this hobby. I don't think there is a snowglobe board, or a Santa board.
  14. pintrader

    pintrader <font color=FF66FF>Leader of the Conga Line to ton

    May 18, 2000
    I have an Aunt and Uncle who had a gift shop is SouthEast Texas. They were childless. When my Uncle passed away, She brought each of her 5 nieces and nephews into the shop and asked us to pick out something we each liked. I don't remember what the boy cousins selected as they didn't live in my house, but the other two nieces were my sisters. The baby chose Clown figurines, my middle sister chose "Love is statuette which later developed into Precious Moments and I chose a little Pooh in his SSPooh ship pin.

    As children we had no idea of her grand plan. However, she took all her inventory out of her shop for each of these groups and took them home to be her gifts to us for EVERY SINGLE holiday until I turned 31 years of age, when she passed away. She sold the shop with the remainder of it's contents.

    After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, in 1991 and doctors working on me for 5 years, I turned out to be a hopeless case. I had been given so many meds to learn about my condition that I was diagnosed with MCS Multi Chemical Syndrome. Translation: No doctor will touch me because they are afraid of the results. I went into a very deep and dark depression. Nothing interested me. For four years therapists tried to involve me in everything from auto mechanics, to needlepoint, gardening, computers, and right on through to reupholstery and woodwork. I really tried but they could tell there was no spark of real interest or desire in learning or doing any of those things.

    Moving up to 1999 My Gary bought me an annual WDW pass every year for our anniversary. One year without me knowing it he bought all our employees WDW annual passes as well. And one of them's child a pass too. Well call me Scrooge, but I overracted. Gary decided then and there that he was never going to use his again. So when we got our 1999 AP invitation in October where they handed out the AP torch pin we didn't go. We were sick and all kinds of excuses. But in October my baby sis came to stay with us in Florida and heard the whole story. After living with us for 8 weeks and seeing all the sacrificing we were doing to get a new company off the ground, she went to Gary and said "So, let me get this straight, you guys work 18,19,20 hours a day 7 days a week, you draw no paychecks, you splurge on one thing a year, a Disney pass and you don't even use it??? Gary, you are a four degreed engineer. What is wrong with this logic??? So he conceded to take me to our annual celebration at EPCOT for NYE. A five year tradition for us at that time.

    Saw all the little pins people were wearing, but we had just had a partner take our VERY successful business as his own and locked us out of it. Literally he changed the locks. He had been a car dealership representative and didn't know diddly about our business, but he knew we didn't have the $ to fight him. So he won. This made the depression even worse, if that was possible. I was truly suicidal. This was all we knew how to do, so, we started over. Gary knew I didn't have the strength or motivation to push as hard as he did so he encouraged me to use that annual pass and learn about those pins I didn't know a thing in the world about. Looking back at NYE at EPCOT I thought all the lines were for the free hats and noise makers DUH! Remember the JanuRAY pin? That was the night it came out. During the beginning of 2000 I began going to DTD and made several CM acquaintances due to my frequency of visits. By March I was going to DTD and the Pin Cart often, and just beginning to understand what all of this was about I made my first trade for the Black Cauldron pin as I knew that was the only real Disney failure/disaster ever and thought it odd that they would have a pin commemorating it. I traded one of the little pooh pins.

    Thanks to Aunt Lilly and Uncle Edward my pin addiction came to be somewhat painless and inexpensive. THIS was my reward for getting the same gift EVERY SINGLE birthday, Christmas, Valentines day, etc for 33 years. My mom has mailed me the last box of pooh pins left in her basement. They are almost all gone. I still have a very few of them for trade. Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, and of course Pooh they are listed as tradables under my PINTRADER user name. http://pinpics.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi. I was hooked. Here was the "spark" that all the medical people had been looking for for over 7 years. Somthing I REALLY cared about and could get into. From time-to-time the depression comes back, but sometimes I really do come out of it. I jumped into pin trading with both feet and pulling everybody in with me that I meet.

    The rest is kind of known history. After being frustrated with Pinpics being down more times than up and needing my daily "dose", and wanting to tell others what I had learned by being on property so much since October, I offered to help as Dom, Susan and Britt Robyn, hey blue fairy, I'm sorry I forgot your real name, and others have done. Gary allowed me to offer hosting at IXCTelecom. He and the IXC staff did a great job over the last year, while the rest of us typed our little fingers to the bone and had fun on the discussion boards. It has been pure therapy for me. Thanks for the Pin Groups that was the best part! It has been fun, and I hope it all continues. Even if it really needs to slow down just a bit. Speaking of slowing down, we are being asked by CMs to start a Saturday night pin meet at the Contemp. What do you guys think of Saturday?
  15. doombuggy

    doombuggy DIS Veteran

    Jun 21, 2001
    I am with mickey4ver. I started collecting pins about 10 years ago. I started with Olympic pins (of course) and have moved on to others. I do have a bit of Disney ones, my favorites being framed. While I have a jacket to match John's hat, I would like to make a coffe table with pins under glass someday. I am more into doll collecting, though.

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