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    May 10, 2001
    We have booked HRH club level for our anniversary in Oct. I'm really starting to second guess myself. I'm really not getting any positive feedback about their club level. :(

    I've been throwing around some ideas with my hubbie and wondering if maybe we should switch to RPH instead. It seems to be cheaper. The only thing is, I've also been reading that they will have many more rooms. We stayed at Coronado Springs at WDW (sorry for the Disney comparison) once and hated it. It was the convention hotel and there was a mob of people around all the time. I'm concerned that if they have that many rooms they will have the same problem. The chaos just wasn't for us! Is the hotel going to be large enough to accomodate all the people without all the congestion?

    Also, we're considering doing the Luau on the night of our anniversary. I know at Disney's, the earlier you book, the better your seats. Does anyone have any idea when they will be starting to take reservations for this? Also, does anyone have an inside scoop on what the seating arrangement will be like? Sorry, I know these questions are hard to answer because the hotel isn't open yet. Just hoping someone has some inside info.

    Thanks for all the help. I just don't know what to do now that I have had the big HRH let down. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. :Pinkbounc

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